Private: Amada Astro 100MH/Fab III-1253 138 Ton 8-Axis CNC Robotic Bending Cell

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Item Number: 7945

Manufacturer: Amada
Model: Astro 100MH/FAB 111-1253
Year: 2000
Condition: Good

Amada Astro 165W Robotic Bending System with 220 Ton x 168.5” Amada HDS2204NTW CNC Brake, Yaskawa EX165RD 165g Robotic Track Mounted Loader, 6-Position Holding Station, (2011) – Taken out of Service – Video Available Running

Maximum Tonnage Capacity 138 Ton
Overall Length Of Bed & Ram 10′ 2″
Distance Between Housings 8′ 10″
Throat Depth 15.7″
Stroke Length 5.9″
Open Height 16.5″
Maximum Blank Size 31.5″ x 39.5″
Maximum Part Weight 33 LBS
Part Loading Configurations 2 Loading Config
Part Unload Stackings 6 Unloading Configs

\Equipped With:

AMNC RML 39BM 8-Axis CNC Control, 5-Axis CNC Back Gauge, 5-Axis Robotic Part Handler, 6-Axis Robotic Load/Unload Manipulator













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