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Due to the COVID-19 - Please note the special terms and conditions regarding Inspection & Removal
Due to the COVID-19 - Please note the special terms and conditions regarding Inspection & Removal

How to Bid on an Online Only Auction using the Bidspotter platform

After registering on, navigate to the auction you’re interested in and click the Sign up to bid button. Once you’ve completed the auction registration and been approved by the auctioneer, you can participate within the auction.

How do I place a bid?

To place a bid, you will first need to select the lot by either selecting the lot title in blue, or selecting the blue Bid button. Within the lot you are able to place a bid in the bidding area located to the right of the lot image. To place a bid you will simply enter an amount into the ‘Enter your max bid’ field and select Place Bid. Note: The minimum bid you can place is located below the bidding field. In the below example the minimum allowed bid is 400 USD. Once you have placed your bid, you will receive a pop-up requesting you to confirm your bid. If you are successful in your bid, the display will turn green and inform you of your current bidding status above the lot image as shown below. Note: In the event that there is a max bid on this lot that is higher than your bid, you will receive notice that your bid has been accepted, but that you have been outbid. In the event that you are outbid on a lot, the lot color will change from green to red and the banner stating you are in the lead, will update to You have been outbid. Please note that some lots may have a quantity. Any lot with a quantity will be times the money. Meaning that when you bid $5 on a lot with a quantity of 10, you’re really bidding $50. The quantity will be displayed below the bidding box before bidding. It will display again after placing your bid on the confirmation screen. After the bid is confirmed it will show under the current bid amount.

Can I increase or decrease my bid?

You can Increase Your Bid at any time before the lot closes. Simply select the Increase Your Bid and enter the new amount of your bid. Any new bid placed will overwrite your past max bid. If you would like to lower your max bid, simply place a new bid for the new amount. Any amount is accepted as long as it meets the minimum bid requirement. The minimum bid requirement is displayed under Your max bid in parentheses EX: (bid 500 USD or more) has a minimum bid requirement of 500.

How do I know if the lot has a reserve?

If a lot you are bidding on has a reserve set in our system, you will be informed if that reserve is not met upon placement of your bid.

Bidding Increments

If you place a bid that is not an accepted increment, you will receive a notice letting you know that your bid was not accepted and inform you of the accepted increment. For example, if you place a $17 bid in an auction going up in multiples of $5, you will receive the below notice. Don’t forget, just like when you’re in an auction room, bidding online is a contractual commitment to buy. That’s why we recommend you find out all you can about an item’s condition before you bid. To make it really easy for you, you can talk directly to each auctioneer by using our ‘ask a question’ link (found to the right of the image on the lot’s details page). If you have placed a maximum bid on a lot by accident, you will need to contact the auctioneer directly to see if they would be willing to remove the bid from the lot.