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Due to the COVID-19 - Please note the special terms and conditions regarding Inspection & Removal
Due to the COVID-19 - Please note the special terms and conditions regarding Inspection & Removal

Well-Maintained Precision CNC Machining Facility Truex Machine Co. Inc.

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Tue, June 25th 2019 1:00 P.M. EDT


25 Pond Street Hanover, Massachusetts 02339


Monday, June 24th From 8AM to 4PM

Auction Description


2017 HAAS VF2, Pre-Wired for 4th Axis, 16”x36” Work Table, Cat #40 Taper, 24-Position Side Mount Tool Changer, Ridgid Tapping, Renishaw Touch Probe, 15”x36” Table, Chip Auger, Pendant, s/n 1137070

2013 HURCO VM10Ui 5-Axis Trunnion Style, Travels: 21”-X, 16”-Y,19”-Z, 7.8” Diameter Table, 330# Max. Load Capacity, 10,000 RPM, 360 Degree C-Axis, Cat #40 Taper, 10,000 RPM, 15HP, Ridgid Tapping, 20-Position Automatic Tool Changer, Max CNC Control, s/n VUO18

2008 HURCO VM1, Pre-Wired for 4th Axis, 14”x30”Table, Cat #40 Taper, Chip Auger, 20-Position Automatic Tool Changer, Ridgid Tapping, Chip Auger, s/n H-V12588

2005 HURCO VM2, Pre-Wired for 4th Axis, 18”x46” Table, Cat #40 Taper, Chip Auger, 20-Position Automatic Tool Changer, Ridgid Tapping, s/n H-V20255

Also Available – Haas 5C CNC Programmable Indexer * Haas HA5C Indexer w/ Brushless Rotary Controller, s/n 507607 * Haas HA5CB Indexer w/ Brushless Rotary Controller, s/n 509209 * (3) Haas 8” Rotary Tables w/ Servo Control, s/n’s 21626,215733, 21747


2011 HWACHEON “Cutex 160A” High Productivity, 21” Swing, 11.81” Length,  16C Collet Nose, 3-Jaw chuck, 2” Bar Capacity, Tailstock, 12-Position Turret, 6” Chuck Diameter, Coolant, 5000 RPM, Fanuc Oi-TD Control, s/n MO243591TF-H – Also Available MTA V65E Magazine Type Barfeed w/ Pendant, S/n 16110236 (2011)

1995  GALAXY “Nova 200”, 14.6” Swing, 10.4” Max. Turning Dia., 14.6” Length, A2-6 Spindle Nose, 3500 RPM, 12-Position Turret, 7.5HP, 2.2” Hole Thru Spindle, Tail Stock, Tool Pre-Setter,Fanuc 0-T Controls, s/n 6592


2015 OMNI-TURN GT-75 Series II Gang-Type CNC, 5HP, 5C Collet Nose, s/n 4903G4, Control OT-CNC4 (Control s/n 4710PII)

HARDINGE/OMNI-TURN Chucker with Gang-Type Set up, Quick Acting Draw Bar, 3-speed, Vari-Speed up to 3000 RPM, s/n HC-7034-T, Spego “Turnamic” Barfeed, OT-CNC Control (Control s/n 1910G2)


2004 KENT KTM-3VS, 9”x42” Table w/ AL-500S Power Feed Unit, 3HP Vari-Speed, R8 Spindle, Newall C-80 Digital Readout, s/n 9310178

BRIDGEPORT 2HP Vari-Speed, R8 Spindle, 9”x42” Power Feed Table, 60-4200 RPM, Newall C80 Digital Readout, s/n 12BR-154916

BRIDGEPORT 1HP, 9”x48” Power Feed Table, 8-Spindle Speeds, 80-2720 RPM, R8 Spindle, s/n 12BR-197160


8”X18” SUPERTEC Mdl. STP-1022 Hydraulic Feed Surface Grinder, Over the Wheel Dress, Coolant, Rapid Downfeed/Elevation, 1HP, Coolant Tank, s/n 8601

6”x12” HARIG “612” Hand Feed Surface Grinder,6”x12” Walker Ceramax Permanent Magnetic Chuck, 1HP Direct Drive Spindle, s/n 15004

DAREX E90, 1/4 HP Drill Grinder, Stand, s/n 90426

DAREX SP2500 Ultra Precision Drill Sharpener, 1/4HP,  s/n 257661H

(3) BALDOR Mdl. 111 Double End Pedestal Buffers/Grinders, Single Phase, 1/3H

1HP BALDOR Mdl. 407B Double End Buffer/Grinder w/ Stand, Single Phase

½ HP BALDOR Mdl. 500 Double End Carbide Grinder, Single Phase


10” x12” MARVEL SPARTAN PA10/3 Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw, 1.25” Blade, 70-330FPM, Vari-speed, Power Clamping, Digital Piece Counter, Coolant, 5HP, Out of Stock Switch, Operators Control Panel, s/n EPA100140

SCOTCHMAN/BEWO 275LT Mitre Abrasive Cut-off Saw, 2/1.5HP, Entry Roller Table, s/n 23980698


HARDINGE MDL. HC, Vari-Speed, Draw Bar, 3- speed, 125-3000 RPM, Turret, s/n HC6299T


ROFIN-SINA “Easy Mark”, Diode Pump Light, 1064NM Wavelength, 410W, Apprx. 130MM Marking Area, Air Cool, Bench Type, s/n 40055967 (2005)


BROWN & SHARPE Reflex343/454 Coordinate Measuring Machine, 18”x24”x3” High Drilled Granite Table, 16” Apprx. Z-Travel, Renishaw TP-ES Probe, s/n 1096-1058

30” SCHERR TUMICO Optical Comparator, 8”x35” Table. Power Elevation, Surface Illumination, Profile Illumination, Rank Industries Readout, s/n D851604

14” S-T INDUSTRIES Mdl. 20-3650 Optical Comparator, 5”x20” Table, Surface Illumination, 20X & 10X Lens, Quadra-Chek 200, s/n NA

12” MITUTOYO PJ311 Optical Comparator, Quadra Chek 200, 9-3/4” x 11-3/4” Tabel, Mitutoyo Readouts, 10x-50x Lens, s/n 30156

NIKON SMZ-2B Microscope w/ Jedmed Fiberoptic 150W Light Source

BROWN & SHARPE Tesa-Hite 350, Type 007.90041, s/n 8R06602

MITUTOYO QM-HEIGHT 350/14” Height Gage, s/n 0002615

RAMS ROCKFORD Mdl. 10A-R Hardness Tester, s/n 1375

Miscellaneous Inspection Items – Deltronic Gages, Mitutoyo Height Master, Mitutoyo Digital Height Gage, Phase II Micrometer Set, Blade Mics, Calipers, Verniers, Dial Indicators, Pin Gages, Jo-Blocks, Granite Plates up t 24”x36”x 6” Starrett Pink, Vidmar Cabine, Thread Gages, Etc


GARDNER DENVER APEX VS Rotary Screw Type Air Compressor, Variable Speed Efficiency, Digital Touch Panel Control,

2017 KORE MLD. RSLF-24SSD Air Dryer, 86 CFM, 101.5-232 PSIG, 1.21HP, s/n SSD-0024-038-0014

5HP QUINCY Mdl. 150698-539 Vertical Piston-Type Tank Mounted Air Compressor,

Head Mdl. 325-104, s/n 652656


HARDINGE MDL. HSL Speed Lathe, Quick Acting Drawbar, 1/2HP, s/n HSl-5C-4884T

SUNNEN MBB-1680C Hone – Assorted Mandrels & Stones

EMPIRE MDL. PF-2636 Reach in Shot Blast with Reclaim, s/n 154247

EMPIRE BBO Basket Blaster, Timer

ROSEMONT Mdl. RF8 Vibratory Finisher, 26” Dia., Rubber Lined, 3/4HP 1/60, s/n 1703

2.5” ELLIS Mld. 6000 1HP Belt Sander, 1/60, s/n 60BG-3903

Blue-M CW-6612F Oven, 10KW, 66 Celsius to 649 Celsius, Digital Temperature Control, s/n EP-1164

9” CRAFTSMAN Bench Type Drill, 1/60

13” WT Bench Type Drill Press, 570-2600 RPM, 1/60, 1/2HP

DAKE #1-1/2 Arbor Press

BEAR Oil Extractor, 1.5HP, Apprx. 18” Dia.

KEMPER Type 63103 Portable Dust Collector, s/n 153096

REGAL MDL. CWF74 Walk Behind Lift Truck, 1000#, s/n 87068

DiACRO Type Manual Rotary Bender

DIAMOND MDL. HL500A Deburrer, Bench-Type, 1HP,1/60, s/n 930096

Miscellaneous Shop Support and Crib Tooling – Kurt Vises, Kurt DL400 Double Vises, 5-Axis Kurt Vises, Assorted V-Blocks, Carbide, 8” Yuasa Rotary Table, Boring Heads, Large Qty of #40 Cat Taper Tooling, Aloris CXA Tool Post, Hold Downs, Work Tables, Bridgeport Right Angle Heads, Drawbars, Bench Vises, 10” 4-Jaw Chuck, Face Plate, Hand & Power Tools, Taps, Drills, Hout Drill Cabinets, Magnifying Lights, Collet Indexers, Johnson Bar, Electrolux TM-75 Tile Saw, 5C Collets, R8 Collets, Step Collets, Craftsman Rolling Tool Carts, Magnetic V-Blocks, Oxyacetylene Cart, Harig Lectric Center Attachment, Baldor #612 Double End Bench Grinder, Impulse Heat Sealer, Eagle #55 Pallet Jack,  Etc