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Due to the COVID-19 - Please note the special terms and conditions regarding Inspection & Removal
Due to the COVID-19 - Please note the special terms and conditions regarding Inspection & Removal

Surplus to the Ongoing Needs of GE Aviation Multi-Location

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Thu, August 20th 2020 1:00 P.M. EST


Asheville, NC; Batesville, MS; Batavia, OH; Greenville, SC


By Appointment Only

Auction Description

Items Located in Asheville, NC
Gauging System
Renishaw Equator 300 Gauging System Comparator, 300MM X/Y-Axis, 150MM Z-Axis Working Volume, 55MM Working Volume Height from Base, 200MM/S Maximum Scanning Speed, 1000 Points/S Scanning Rate, 500MM/S Maximum Movemnet Speed, Complete with MCU Lite-2 Pendent Controller, Renishaw Computer Controller, Assorted Probes (2013)

Autonomous Robot
Clearpath Robotics OTTO Model 1500 Autonomous Robot Vehicle 3,306LBS Maximum Payload Capacity, 1% Maximum Grade, S/N: 01500-00089

Riedel Model PC51.02-D6L Refrigerated Chiller, R134A Refrigerant, 400/460V Voltage, S/N: 7717730001 (2014)

Light Booth
Phoenix Imaging Model MIB-50 Table Type Manual Inspection Light Booth, Lamp Model FCFTE55W864, (4) Lamp, Cal. Point 7.2@550Ft-CD, 115V/60HZ/1PH, S/N: 2L15071801 (2015)

Items Located in Batavia, OH
Kohler Model PRO 5.4 DES 5.4KW Diesel Generator, S/N: 26-2014-701044267-008 (2014)

Steel Construction, Caster Wheels, One Set of Stair Attached, Approx. Dimensions: 13’X10’X9′, Center Hold Approx. 36″ diameter

GEnx Model 11C339G01 Fan Inlet Stand, includes Stand, Stairs, and Railings, Steel Construction, Caster Wheels, S/N: 1RXM2-001, 834 LBS Capacity (2011)

Lot of assorted Fixtures total weight is 46,538#, GE90-94M 115B, 94B, 115B FIXTURE, BUILD UP CORE MODULE MOBILE (230V/50HZ) DIMENSIONS: 77x70x45, 4484# WEIGHT (TOOL # 9C1107G03) GE90 LOBSTER CAGE DIMENSIONS: 110x110x63 (TOOL #UGE90-002708, 4348#; GE90 LOBSTER CAGE DIMENSIONS: 110x110x63, 4348# TOOL # UGE90-002524, GE90 LOBSTER CAGE, TOOL #UGE90-002707, DIMENSIONS: 110x110x63 4348# WEIGHT, GE90-94M 115B, 94B, 115B FIXTURE, BUILD UP CORE MODULE MOBILE (230V/50HZ), TOOL# UGE90-000013, DIMENSIONS: 70x70x45, 4484# CAPACITY, 80E1, DOLLY, TRANS/MAINT LPT MODULE, TOOL# UCF6-000189, DIMENSIONS: 139x59x43, 1166# CAPACITY, 50-STAND, FAN ROTOR SUBASSEMBLY, TOOL# UCF6-000466 , DIMENSIONS: 68x59x50, ADAPTER, FAN ROTOR DISK, TOOL#UCF6-000467, 974# WEIGHT, 80C2, ADAPTER, LIFT-LOW PRESS COMPRESSOR, TOOL# UCF6-002146, DIMENSIONS: 102x57x77, 80C2, DOLLY, SUB-ASSEMBLIES-FRAMES TOOL# UCF6-002166, DIMENSIONS: 102x57x77, 828# WIEGHT, FIXT HANDLE BOOSTER STATOR ASSY, TOOL # DFW00151, FIXT HANDLE ST BOOSTER STATOR, TOOL #DFW00161, GUIDE ALIGN LPT SHFT/BSTR TO F SHF, TOOL #DFW02698 DIMENSIONS: 88x58x62, 754# WEIGHT, 94B-STIFFENERS TOOL SET BOOSTER, TOOL # UGE90-001085, DIMENSIONS: 90x87x93, 3826#, GE90-94M 115B, 94B, HANDLING FIXTURE, TOOL# UGE90-000994, DIMENSIONS: 90x90x51, 2604# WEIGHT, 94B,115B-STAND. INSTALL/REMOVE/STORAGE-FAN/LPT TOOLING, TOOL# UGE90-000002, DIMENSIONS: 80x63x111, 2200# WEIGHT, 94B, 115B, FIXTURE, STRONGBACK, LIFT, TURN & RESTRAIN- LP TURBINE MODULE, TOOL# UGE90-000481, DIMENSIONS: 85x85x30, 1754# WEIGHT, GE90-94M 115B, 94B, HANDLING FIXTURE, TOOL# UGE90-001931, 84x90x94, 3260# WEIGHT, ASSORTED FIXTURES TOOL #’S: UCF6-001570; UCF6-001581, UCF6-001574, UCF6-001569, UCF6-001573, UCF6-001494 TOTAL WEIGHT 760#

Sand Blast Cabinet
Cyclone Reach-In Type

(2) 2012 Taricco Autoclave, 2′ Dia x 3′ Long, 400 Degree F Working Temperature, 50 PSIG Working Pressure (Upgradable to 100 PSI) Nitrogen Charged

Shell Bagging Platforms
2013 & 2011 Gen X Fan Case Shell Bagging Platforms

Items Located in Greenville, SC
Laser Profiler
2015 Spiricon SP620 Laser Profiler, S/N: 781849

3D Spatial Positioning System
Virtek Gerber Iris SPS Spatial Positioning System for 3D Applications, Complete with Stand, Laser Head, Control Cabinet

High-Speed Spindle 
2013 Fischer model GX High Speed Spindle with Integrated Vector- Controlled Motor for Roughing and Finishing (Liechti Turbomill), 16,000 RPM, Low Use