Surplus to the Ongoing Needs of GE Aviation May 2019

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Thu, May 23rd 2019 1:00 P.M. EDT


Muskegon, MI; Lynn, MA; Asheville, NC; Auburn, AL, Cincinnati, OH


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Items Located in Muskegon, MI
Tek4-USA Model 4GS-FHD5 6-Axis EDM Drill, Travels: X-16″, Y-12″, Z-16″, U-360 Degree, B- +/- 135 Degree, Built onto Hass Mini-Mill, With Haas CNC Controls, Tek4 CNC Controls, S/N: 019 (2013) A/N: 2845

Tek4-USA Model 4GS-FHD5 6-Axis EDM Drill, Travels: X-16″, Y-12″, Z-16″, U-360 Degree, B- +/- 135 Degree, Built onto Hass Mini-Mill, With Haas CNC Controls, Tek4 CNC Controls, S/N: 015 (2012) A/N: 2741

Tek4-USA Model 4GS-FHD5 6-Axis EDM Drill, Travels: X-16″, Y-12″, Z-16″, U-360 Degree, B- +/- 135 Degree, Built onto Hass Mini-Mill, With Haas CNC Controls, Tek4 CNC Controls, S/N: 011 (2012), A/N: 2737

Tek4-USA Model 4GS-FHD5 6-Axis EDM Drill, Travels: X-16″, Y-12″, Z-16″, U-360 Degree, B- +/- 135 Degree, Built onto Hass Mini-Mill, With Haas CNC Controls, Tek4 CNC Controls, S/N:013 (2012), A/N: 2736

Fadal Model 906-1 4020 CNC Vertical Machining Center with 5th Axis Trunnion Table, 48″ x 20″ Slotted Table, Travels: X-40″, Y-20″, Z-20″, 1,500 LBS Table Load Capacity, 700IPM Rapid Feed Rate (X/Y) 600 IPM (Z), 7,500 RPM Spindle, 21-Position Automatic Tool Changer, 5th Axis Trunnion Table, S/N: 9508837 (1995)

Scherr Tumico Model P2500 30″ Optical Comparator, (1993)

Bruton Precision Model Mistral 070705/542 Coordinate Measuring Machine

Xermac Model X-12 Sinker Type EDM with 10″ X 20″ Slotted Table, S/N: 897 (2000)

Lindberg / Blue M Model BF51828C-1 Electric Fired Single Door Oven, With 12″ X 17″X 12″ Inside Box Dimensions, 5.6kw, Temperature Range To 100 Degrees C, 208/240v 1ph, S/N: W270-Su3074-X0

Airflow Systems Model DCH1-Bi-Hopper-AP3-PG6-S-HE-Reg, Mist Collector, With 1.5-Hp Motor, S/N: 2640 (2011)

(2) Plymovent Model Multi-Mist Mist Collector

Ebbco Model AV250-Il-EDM-Pc-3300il Inline Chiller, .50 Compressor Hp, R-22 Refrigerant, (2) Circulation Pumps, S/N: 20900

(2) Oberland Sump Systems Coolant Tank with Pump
Also: Electric Pumps, Hydraulic Pumps, Inspection Tooling, Low-Pressure Pumps, Plus More!

Items Located in Lynn MA
(2) Olympia Model V40f CNC Vertical Boring Mill, 42″ Diameter Chuck, 34-Position Tool Changer, Renishaw Tool Eye, (2) Steel Trak – New London Engineering Elevated Chip Conveyors, Harbor Spindle Chiller,  Chip Blaster Model 4v-10 High Pressure Coolant System, Motor Lubrication System, Fanuc Alpha Il 60/4500hv 60/75-Kw Motor, IBI AFL-12A PLC Controls, Ge Fanuc Series 18-It CNC Controls, S/N: ET-07-547 (2007); ET-07-548  (2007)

Bryant Model Lectraline Ll3 CNC ID Grinder, .50″ Minimum Bore Diameter, 28″ Maximum Swing Diameter, 16″ Length Of Bore, 14″ X-Axis Stroke, 20″ Z-Axis Stroke, Variable Feed Rates 600 Ipm, 1,000 Rpm Maximum Work head Speed, 5-Hp Work Drive Motors, 15-Hp Wheel Drive Motor, (2) Motorized Work Heads, Hydraulic Power Unit, Filtration System, Aerocology Model Fidv 3000 Mist Collector 3-HP, Ge Fanuc 15-M CNC Controls, S/N: W-17762 (2000)

Bullard Model Dyn-Au-Turn Nc Vertical Turret Lathe, 42″ Diameter Chuck, 5-Station Turret, GE Mark Century CNC Controls, Sony Magnascae 2-Axis Digital Readout, 75-Hp Motor, S/N: 33714

Bullard Model VNC CNC Vertical Turret Lathe, 45-3/4″ Chuck, 5-Station Turret, GE Mark Century CNC Controls, S/N: 33783

Bourn & Koch Machine Tool CNC Horizontal Machining Center, With 34-1/2″ X 31-1/4″ Slotted Pallet, 50-Taper Spindle, 48-Position Automatic Tool Changer, Producto Model 2068 30″ Diameter Rotary Table (2001), GE Fanuc Series 15-M CNC Controls, Caron Coolant Monitor, 6-Hp Hydraulic Power Unit

Producto CNC Vertical Boring Mill, 42″ Diameter Chuck, Hydraulic Power Unit, GE Mark Century CNC Controls

Electric Lift Pump with GE 75-Hp Electric Motor, 3563 RPM, 460v/3ph/60hz

Torit Donaldson Model MHP-1 Mist Collector, 3-Stage Filtration, 3-Hp Motor, 10″ Inlet Collar, 1300 Cfm, S/N: 2401962

Hayes Pump Inc. Size 8×8  Model J2531A 700-GPM Oil Filtration Skid

Items Located in Asheville, NC
Trumpf Model Trulaser Cell 3000 Dual Head CNC Laser Cutting Machine 3-Axis, 890mm X 600mm Working Range Travels: X-800mm, Y-600mm, Z-400mm, Speeds: Max. Axis Speed Axially Parallel To X-50 M/Min, Parallel To Y-50 M/Min, Parallel To Z-50 Min/Min, Simultaneous 85 M/Min, Max Axis Speed B-Axis 120 Rpm, Max. Axis Acceleration: Max. Axis Acceleration Axially Parallel To X-10m/S�, Parallel To Y-10m/S�, Parallel To Z-10m/S� Position Accuracy: 0.015mm Positioning Accuracy Linear Axis (X,Y,Z), Repeatable Accuracy: 0.01mm Linear Axis, Complete With Trumpf Trumicro 7240 300-Watt Fiber Laser Power Supply, 4mm-Mrad Beam Quality, 515nm Wavelength, 300ns Pulse Duration, 7.5 Mj Maximum Pulse Energy, 20khz Minimum Repetition Rate, 100khz Maximum Repetition Rate,  Dual Head, Trumf Vision System, Riedel Model Pc 51.02-D6l Refrigerated Chiller With R134a Refrigerant, Trumpf Control Based On Seimens Sinumerik 840d Si CNC Controls, S/N: 82321m0079 (90-12-17-00 (L34) (2014)

Custom Built Laminating Cell with Fanuc LR Mate 200iD Robot, Optical Vision System, 9” x 9” Heated Platens, 6-Axis Robot with 71mm Reach, 7kg Load Capacity, Fanuc System R-30iB Mate Robot Controls, S/N: RT091422 (2009)

Items Located in Auburn, AL

Waterjet Corporation DX44 CNC Bridge Type Waterjet Cutting Machine, 1200mm X 1200mm Cutting Area, Complete With KMT Model Sl Pro 60R Dual Intensifier, 90kpsi Maximum Working Pressure, (2) Steel Media Hoppers, Ebbco Model GRS-0250-B-CC-MC-Bladder-CE Skid Packaged Filtration System, With 10-Hp Electric Pump (2010), Ebbco Model CLS-60,000-Il-3 Stainless Steel Chiller Unit (2010), Vespa Model 1095 200 Litre Capacity Pressurized Media Hopper (2012), Ebbco Model Cls-141-Ce Skid Packaged Filtration Unit With (2) Ebbco Slim-Line Bag Vessel Model Slbv-0833-Bc Stainless Steel, Ebbco Hurricane Filter Vessel Model Cl5-Hrf-155-Lp, Ebbco Model Cls-200v-Cd Ozone Generation Module (2010), Mitsubishi M700 CNC Controls

Erlab Inc. Mdoel XLS 483 Lab Booth, Size 745mm X 394mm X 90mm, Pressure Drop 125+/- 15%, With Fluorescent Lighting, Digital Controls, S/N: XLS 483-143-2010-CN

(4) Fongex Elevated Chip Conveyors, 9″ Wide, With Motors, Including (1) Chip Auger, (1) Coolant Trough with Pump Motor, And Accessories (All Used For Republic Lagun CNC Vertical Machining Centers) (Never Used)

Located in Greenville, SC
SLM Selective Laser Melting Systems 3-D Printer with 400-Watt Fiber Laer, Chiller, Air Dryer, Magics RP with 5G+ Module, SLM Build Processor, Twin Scan Head Systems (2016) – Never Used in Production – Tested & Verified Only

Located in Amarillo, TX
GH Gruas 100-Ton Capacity Double Girder Traveling Gantry Crane, 94.83″ Span Between Axle Rails, 45.93″ Vertical Lift Capacity, 6.56’/Min Minimum Lifting Speed, 65.61’/Min Direction Speed, 8/2 Number of Rope Falls, 1.02″ Wire Rope Diameter, 45-KW Siemens 1500-RPM Vari-Speed Motor, Open Winch / Open Drum Gearbox, 16.40′ Span Between Axles, 5-KW 3000 RPM Vari-Speed Cross Travel Motor, 131.23′ / min Long Travel Speed, 5-KW 3000 RPM Vari-Speed Long Travel Motor, 1-KW 500 RPM Cable Reel Motor