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Online Auction

Real Progress Inc.

Online Sale Starts Closing At:

Thu, October 19th 2017 1:00 P.M. PDT


5009 Walnut Grove Avenue, San Gabriel, CA 91776


By Appointment Only

Rolling Mills

5” x 8” Ferrara Mdl. 5-8 2/4-Hi Precision Flat Stock Rolling Mill, with take-up, spare rolls, S/N: 123-93-11FM

Cavallin Tandem wire & plate mills (2 available)

6” W x 6-1/2” D Standard 2-Hi Rolling Mill, with payoff and take-up, magnatrol controls, spare rolls, S/N:43

(2) 2” x 4” 2-Hi Hand Rolling Mills

Coining & Stamping Presses

30-Ton Energ Mdl. G.T.V. 4-post coining hydraulic press, digital controls, 15” diameter bed area, light curtain, S/N: 5 [1995]

100KG ORO Franco Mdl. P115TCB Hydraulic 4-post coining press, 2-timers, 16” x 15-1/8” bed area, S/N: P127M0034

(4) 15-Ton Rousselle #2 OBI Flywheel type punch press, 1” stroke, 8-1/4” shut height, 1-1/2” slide adjustment, 16” x 11” bed area, light curtain, 160 SPM, S/N’s P-32390, P-32395, P-32396, P-32397

60-Ton Niagara Mdl. M60 OBI Flywheel Type Punch Press, 4” stroke, 14” shut height, 3” slide adj, 32” x 21” bed area, 100SPM, light curtain, S/N: 47807

3-Ton Benchmaster Mdl. 1706 C-Frame Press

Also Available: Assorted Die Sets – Die sets range from 5” x 8” to 7” x 9” with 1-1/4” thickness, top & bottom pairing held together by 2 & 4 steel rods, 5/8” – 1” diameter rods, depending on die size.


11” N. Ferrara Gang Slitter – S/N: N/A

Melting & Casting Machines

Opdel (Italy) Mdl. FCC07 Continuous Casting Machine Plate and Wire Making, digital controls, late model.

Opdel (Italy) Mdl. FS 10/4 Induction Melting Machine, 10KG Gold/Silver melting capacity, Mdl. 2248000, S/N: 260 with digital controls, spare crucibles, Ingot molds, late type

Opdel (Italy) Mdl. FS05 Induction Melting Machine, 6KG, digital temperature controls

Opdel (Italy) Mdl. FCC07 Dual Chamber Continuous Casting Machine for plate and wire making, digital controls, late type

Casting Machines

Memco (USA) Mdl. ML40 Inducto-Vac solid state casting system, S/N: 9017B

Galloni (Italy) Centrifugal Casting/Melting Machine, Mdl. # Modular 6 New/L, 5KW, 350RPM, Spare Crucible’s

Manfredi (Italy) Centrifugal Casting Machine with side melter

Annealing & Quench Furnaces

6” SM Engineering 1800 degree, 0-10 IPM, with Ammonia Dissociator, S/N: 9-6-94MHCF-CS-43

4” SM Engineering Inclined Water Quench Furnace for Flat Stock Annealing, Ammonia Dissociator, Stainless Steel quench tank, power roll take-up, 18KW, 1640 Degree, 150 IPM, temperature controls, S/N: 94-IT-44.5ESAFWQ-CS-03 [1994]

4” Opdel Mdl. FN4 Belt Annealer, digital display, 2-zone, 13KW, S/N: 008-97 [1997]

Wire EDM

Charmilles “Robofil 330F” Wire EDM, pendant control, 21-3/4” x 29-1/4” bed, coolant, filter system, Fanuc CNC control, S/N: 390142 [1998]


(2) Lasag Type FLS-342 Laser System, 15KVA, S/N’s 100450.25, 100450.01

Luxtar Lumonics Mdl. LXTR50 Laser Unit, S/N: 422910

Vertical CNC Mills

Folken 3-Axis CNC, S/N: 97-0717

Benchman Mdl. XT 3-Axis, 15000 RPM, Mini-CAT tool holder, 12-position tool changer, 18” x 6” T-slotted table, NO CONTROLS, S/N: 039-56AA-0114 [1999]

3-Axis Granite Vertical Machining Center (Missing Main Drive Spindle), 3-axis slemens Sinumerik controls, skid of riser blocks

Also Available: Yuasa 4th Axis With SPNC-300HS Control

Granite Saw

Granite Table Saw, 8’ x 12’ bed, 2-axis joy stick controls, (2) GS2 AC drive, 2-Axis control

CNC Water Jet

66” x 124” Water Jet, pendant control, Siemens Sinumerik 3-axis control

Link-O-Matics/Bonding Systems

(2) CPP Mdl. 535-12 Link-O-Weld Link-O-Matic Electronic Weld Systems

Mini Link-it Weld System

ABI Mini-fusion Bonding Machine, S/N: 736-1

Mini Linking Machine

(2) Pneumatic Link Press with Foot Pedal

Wire Machines

Goldpro 6-Pass Wire Drawer, geared drive, wire draw dies

Lewis Mdl. 2CV Wire Drawer, S/N: 500-135

Finishing Equipment

(3) Mirror-Brite Vibratory Finishing Mill, vari-speed, 22-1/2” diameter

Hutson Mdl. DF12 Disc Finisher, 13” diameter x 9” deep, rubber lined, S/N: 129425

Rampe 17” Diameter Drum Parts Tumbler, rubber lined

Dreher Mdl. FS05 FT4 Lo/TV 4-Barrel Centrifugal Tumbler Finisher

(5) Comco Mdl. Mb1000-1 Microblaster Sand Blaster Unit

Crystal Mark Swam-Blaster Sand Blaster

Etching Machine

Lintech Mdl. MI0114411 3-Axis Vertical Etching Machine, dynapath autocon CNC controls, S/N: 962701

Hydrogen & Oxygen Generators

Piel Mdl. M3.6 Oxygen & Hydrogen Generator, Microprocessor Control Module, S/N: 36762 [1997]

XORBOX Oxygen Generator System & Tank

Lapping Machine

15” Peter Wolters Mdl. 10433 Type 3R380 Lapping Machine, S/N: 275 [1998]

Diamond Faceting Machine

Tousdiamants Type T4DTG, S/N: 777485

Bench Type Diamond Faceting Machine


(3) Unitek HF Inverter Welding Power Source with HF inverter schedule programmer, X5/3000 welding transformer, Mdl. 80 & 88 thin-line welding head

Assorted Welding Power Supplies


Renishaw “Cyclone” Coordinate Measuring Machine, 27” x 19-1/8” work area, Renishaw SP620 probe (no control)

CCTV Multiplexer Capture CPT-MD-16 Black & White Unit

Mitutoyo 12” PJ300 Optical Comparator

12” Mitutoyo Height Master

Miscellaneous Support Equipment

F.O.V. Gold Plate Cleaner

1-Ton Free Standing Bridge Crane System, 20’ span (approx.) C&M Hoist, Approx. 32’ long

RSD Mdl. RSD8 Fiberglass Cooling Tower, S/N: 93138

(5) Romanoff Hot Wax Melters

F.O.V. Parts/Product Forming Machine

Vibratory Bowl Feeders, 6” to 10” diameter

Donaldson Torit Mdl. 1500 Dust Collector, S/N: 216488

Donaldson Torit Mdl. 90 CAB

Handler Type 103 Dust Collector, S/N: 1196-2-88

Veronese Filli Magnetics Part Cleaner

Approx. 15HP Tank Mounted Air Compressor

Schulthriss Power Cube Microprocessor

Walk-Thru Scanner & Floor Metal Detector

Sartorious A.N.D & Mettler Digital Scales

(2) Casting Flask Gas Fired Burnout Ovens (as is)

VK Vcella Casting Burnout Furnace Mdl. B30, 2100 Degree, S/N: 3669

MEJ Casting Vacuum Mixer

(3) AB Mdl. AB-100 Plastic Wax Injector’s, S/N: 970570, 970462, 971079

(2) Electro-Vulc Haechtel Mark II 600 Watt Vulcanizers

Gorton Mdl. 375-3 Tool & Cutter Grinder, Collets, S/N: 36991

Ray Grossman Sprue Mdl. 10-2501 Pneumatic Shear, S/N: 2004-5

Progress 11” diameter magnetic parts sonta, penta vari-speed drive

Remcor Mdl. CH951-A-1530 Chiller Unit, S/N: 4742

MTA Mdl. TAEM 10 Chiller

Neslab Mdl. HX750 Refrigerant Air Chiller with cool flow controls

Seik 5-head RT3000 Robotic Insertion Machine, RT3000 Seiko Modular Controls, (5) teach terminal controls

Sonix IV Ultra Sonic Cleaner, 12” x 18” x 10” deep tank size

Ultra Sonic Cleaner, 9” x 14” x 9” deep

Daisy TC-1 Oven

Miscellaneous Shop Support

Assorted skids of die shoes, assorted jewelers benches, dip tanks, vaniman voyage 5-speed fan, 6” belt & disc sander, flux tanks, Pyromat temperature control, bag sealers, arbor press, cabinets, stands, camco rotary unit, sexo DC drive quadraline 7000, skid of plastic resin, smart drive, exit signs, hand dryers, hand dryers, assorted tacker units, cathodes, dividing head, battery chargers, breaker panels, disconnect boxes, assorted media, assorted 3/4HP single end polishers, assorted motors, vacuum sheet lifters, assorted stainless steel tanks, stainless steel tables, outside lighting, assorted plastic tote bins, poly bags, waxes, tenelers vises, assorted buffing wheels, half moon windows, cordless power tools, cardboard boxes, etchers, paragon touch-n-fire control, ladders, gloves, Zebra label printer, plus much more!!

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