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Due to the COVID-19 - Please note the special terms and conditions regarding Inspection & Removal
Due to the COVID-19 - Please note the special terms and conditions regarding Inspection & Removal

Frank Morrow Company

On-Site Auction w/ Live Webcast Sale Date & Time:

Sale Date & Time:

Tue, June 18th 2019 10:30 A.M. EDT


129 Baker Street Providence, Rhode Island 02905


Monday, June 17th From 9AM to 4PM

Auction Description

Real Estate Info:

129 Baker Street is a 60,219 SF +/- industrial building situated on 1.52 acres in Providence, Rhode Island. Approximately 11,897 SF +/- of the building consists of office space (split between two stories). The building offers an 1,825 SF +/- interior loading area accessed via a large overhead door, three additional grade level doors, ample power and high ceiling heights. Manufacturing/Development property suitable for manufacturing, storage and redevelopment.

Investment Highlights

  • Construction: Block and Steel
  • Year Built: 1935 (addition 1976)
  • Loading Dock: Two Interior Docks With Levelers (accessed via 16’H x 28’W drive-in door)
  • Drive-in Doors: Three Grade Level Doors (14’H x 12’W, 12’H x 10’W, 8’H x 6’W)
  • Ceiling Height: Varies 15.5′ – 19.5′
  • Floors: Concrete
  • Fire Safety: Wet Sprinkler System
  • Several One Ton Cranes
  • 1,000 lb In-Floor Scale
  • Water & Sewer: Municipal
  • Parking: On-Site


Thousands of Dies to Produce decorative banding and pierced embossed galleries from 1/2″ to 12″ wide. Metal flowers and leaves of all types. Figurative stampings: birds, animals, sea life, butterflies, etc. Medallions, rosettes, bobeches. Table edging; etc. visit to view Stampings & Bandings in more detail – Highly Recommend to Inspect in Person to See the High Quality & Craftsmanship. The Last Company in the US to Manufacture Decorative Banding.

250 Ton Haulick-Roos, 20-100mm (0.787” to 3.93”) adjustable stroke, 0-100mm (0 to 3.93”) ram adjustment, 59” x 48” segmented t-slotted bolster, tonnage indicator, vari-speed, air clutch, spare segmented bolster blocks, control console, S/N: 282644 (1983)

200 Ton Brown & Boggs Mdl. SC2-200-48-42, 4” stroke, 18” shut height, 40-100 SPM, vari-speed, 48” x 42” bed, t-slotted bolster, Cieco PLS-Plus K-2000, 24” servomax SMXSE-24 programmable feed with 24” x .093” capacity (S/N: C12340), S/N: 76241

150 Ton L&J “Press Master” Mdl. PM2-150-54-36, vari-speed, air clutch, approx. 1-1/2″ Stroke, power ram adjustment, t-slotted bolster, control stand, 54” x 36” bed area, S/N: PM2-150107A

150 Ton Perkins Mdl. 150-T, 1-1/2” stroke, 10-1/2” shut height, 4” ram adjustment, 48” x 40” bed, t-slotted bolster, motorized ram adjustment, air clutch, 12” roll feed, S/N: 41363

100 Ton Perkins Mdl. 100-T, 1-1/2” stroke, 4” ram adjustment, 34” x 42” bed, 10” shut height, t-slotted bolster, vari-speed, air clutch, motorized ram adjustment, approximately 300 SPM, 20” roll feed, S/N: 39236

[3] 75 Ton Perkins Mdl. 75-T, 1-1/2” stroke, 4” ram adjustment, 10-1/2” shut height, 32” x 36” bed, air clutch, motorized ram adjustment, air feed unit, S/N’s: 42674; 42052; 42675

60 Ton Perkins Mdl. 60-T, 1-1/2” stroke, 4” ram adjustment, 10-1/2” shut height, motorized ram adjustment, 36” x 23” bed, t-slotted ram, approximately 300 SPM, air clutch, S/N: 44165

50 Ton L&J “Press Master” Mdl. PM1-50-20-20, 2” stroke, 2” ram adjustment, 14” shut height, 20” x 20” bed, 6” roll feed, vari-speed, S/N: PM1-105A

30 Ton Bliss Mdl. 20-M Air Clutch OBI Flywheel Type Punch Press, vari-speed, S/N: N/A

30 Ton (approx..) V&O Air Clutch OBI Flywheel Type Punch Press, vari-speed, S/N: N/A

28 Ton Perkins Mdl. 375-B Non-Inclinable Flywheel Type Punch Press, 2-1/2” stroke, 2-1/2” ram adjustment, 7-3/4” shut height, 11-3/4” x 22” bed area, S/N: 39207

[3] 22 Ton Bliss #19-1/2 OBI Flywheel Type Mechanical Punch Presses, 2-1/2” stroke, S/N’s: N/A

18 Ton L&J #18 Air Clutch OBI Flywheel Type Punch Press, ¾” stroke, 2” ram adjustment, 8-3/4” shut height, 18” x 11-1/2” bed area, roll feed, vari-speed, dual palms, S/N: 22836A

15 Ton Perkins Mdl. 15-S Air Clutch Open Back Non-Inclinable Punch Press, ¾” stroke, 6” shut height, 2” ram adjustment, 10” x 20” bed, vari-speed, control console, S/N: N/A

12 Ton Alva Allen Mdl. BT-12 Air Clutch OBI Flywheel Type Punch Press, dual palms, push button panel, foot switch, S/N: N/A

10 Ton Perkins #2A Air Clutch Open Back Non-Inclinable Punch Press, ½” stroke, ¾” shut height, 7-1/2” x 12” bed, console, vari-speed, S/N: 42492

[2] 10 Ton Perkins #2A Mechanical Open Back Non-Inclinable Punch Presses, 2” stroke, ¾” ram adjustment, 6” shut height, 12” x 7” bed area, S/N’s: 23761; N/A

5 Ton Perkins #1A Deep Throat Mechanical Open Back Non-Inclinable Punch Press, 1-1/2” stroke, ¾” ram adjustment, 4-1/2” shut height, 6” x 12” bed, 18” throat, S/N: 26311

5 Ton Perkins #1A Deep Throat Mechanical Open Back Non-Inclinable Punch Press, 1-1/4” stroke, 6” shut height, 6” x 12” bed, 12” throat, S/N: 28708

Pexto Mdl. 76-A Wide Bed Mechanical Flywheel Type Punch Press, 12” x 30-1/2” bed (used for die tryout)

Also Available:

24″ Cooper Weymouth 7-Roll Straightener, S/N: V247905-B

Jaco Mdl. JDRE-3024-DC Double End Motorized Uncoiler

[10] Jaco Motorized Stock Reels

1800# Durant Mdl. VS-XL1816M Motorized Stock Reel

4” x 8” (approx..) Fenn Mdl. 053 2-Hi Rolling Mill (used for banding), Pre-form Rolls, Falk Mdl. 550C2-62AS geared drive, vari-speed, manual roll adjustment, control console, approximately 300 FPM, S/N: 51110

3” x 8” Fenn 2-Hi Rolling Mill (used for banding), preform rolls, vari-speed control, manual top adjustment, stand-up console, S/N: 65

2-Hi Embossing Mill (for leaf pattern)

3″ x 5″ G.  W. Wick 2-Hi Rolling Mill

Standard Single End 3HP Slitter, vari-speed, preform rolls,  approximately 11” throat, manual uncoiler

#2 Niagara Single End Beading / Embossing Machine

3-Roller Design, approximately 6” long arbors, 5C collet capacity, draw bar, bench type

18’ Draw Bench, 15HP, control cabinet, cut-off saw, chain-type, preform rolls, extra truks heads

Custom Design Pneumatic Cutoff, Jaco drag type uncoiler, slide rail, extra forming head, dies

Lubow Mdl. AR-250 Ring Roller

[2] Lubow Mdl. RR-15 & RR-2 Ring Rollers

[2] Horizontal Pneumatic Benders

DiAcro #1A Manual Rod & Tube Bender

Charmilles Form 20ZNC Ram Type EDM, 19.85” x 13.7795” t-slotted table, travels: x-11.8”, y-7.87”, z-11.8”, 1000# max weight, 20” x 39” x 13.38” work tank, monitor, S/N: 215146 (2003)

Charmilles Form 20 Ram Type EDM, Heidenhain readout, 6” x 12” permanent magnetic chuck, 12” x 15-3/4” t-slotted table, S/N: 200276

16” x 64” Camut Mdl. MINI-15 Automatic Hydraulic Feed Surface Grinder, down feed, neutrofier, rapids, AC tech, S/N: N/A

12” x 30” MSC Mdl. SGS-1230AHD Hydraulic Feed Surface Grinder, 5HP, electromagnetic chuck, wheel dresser, S/N: 568008

12” x 30” SJ Hydraulic Feed Surface Grinder, power elevation, wheel dresser, electromagnetic chuck, coolant, S/N: N/A

8” x 15” Bridgeport Mdl. 815 Hand Feed Surface Grinder, 1.5HP direct drive spindle, Ceramax chuck, S/N: N/A

6” x 12” Boyar Schultz Mdl. H612 Hand Feed Surface Grinder, 1HP drive drive spindle, 6” x 12” permanent magnetic chuck, S/N: 22717

Clausing Kondia Mdl. FV-1 Vertical Mill, 2.2kw, vari-speed, 60-4000 RPM, Mitutoyo digital readout, 9” x 48” table, R8 spindle, S/N: T-509

Bridgeport 1-1/2HP Vertical Mill, 9” x 42” power feed table, 60-4200 RPM, vari-speed, Mitutoyo linear scale readout, S/N: 12BR-161324

Bridgeport 1-1/2HP Vertical Mill, 9” x 42” power feed table, 60-4200 RPM, vari-speed, S/N: 12BR-161734

Bridgeport 1HP Vertical Mill, 9” x 42” hand feed table, 60-2720 RPM, Acu-Rite digital readout, S/N: 12BR-74568

Bridgeport 1/2HP Round Overarm M-Head Vertical Mill, 6-spindle speeds, 425-2750 RPM, 9” x 32” table, S/N: 7176

12” x 36” Clausing Mdl. 5914 Lathe, vari-speed, 52-2000 RPM, steady rest, 3 & 4-jaw chucks, draw bar, S/N: 501839

[2] 30” Johansson Radial Arm Drills, 37” x 17-3/4” t-slotted table, 8-spindle speeds, 125-1540 RPM, S/N’s: 11418; 11601

36 Ton x 10’ Niagara Mdl. 3IB-36-8-10 Press Brake, 2.5” stroke, 4” power ram adjustment, 12” shut height, dual palm buttons, foot switch, die rail, S/N: 42511

25 Ton (approx.) x 6’ Niagara Press Brake, 62” between housings, dual palm buttons, S/N: 38407

16ga. x 52” Tennsmith Mdl. H52 Hydraulic Power Shear, rear operated manual back gauge, [2] front supports, foot pedal, S/N: 17584

36” Pexto Sheet Metal Roller, 2” diameter rolls, bench type

24” Brake, bench type

[2] 12” DiAcro #12 Finger Brakes

12” DiAcro #2A Roller

[4] 20-KVA Alphil Mdl. RFTE & RFTEF Rocker Arm Type, weld timers, 12” throat, S/N’s: 6898; 6899; 7278; 7423

20-KVA Alphil Mdl. VPTF Pneumatic Press Type, weld timer, 12” throat, S/N: 7424

15-KVA Alphil Mdl. RFTE Rocker Arm Type, 18” throat, weld timer, S/N: 6993

10” x 20” Jaespar Mdl. W-260 Horizontal Bandsaw, 1” blade width, manual vise, coolant, S/N: 1302/84

16” DoAll Mdl. ML Vertical Bandsaw, welder, grinder, tilting table, DoAll cabinet, S/N: 425102

Sentry Size 5 Mdl. Y Furnace, 20” x 9-1/2” x 7” high approximate inside dimensions, Barber Coleman digital temperature controls, S/N: A4994

Sentry Furnace, 13” diameter x 36” deep approximate inside dimensions, Barber Coleman digital temperature control, S/N: N/A

Sybron / Thermolyne 2200˚ Furnace, 7” deep x 5” wide x 3- ½” high approximate inside dimensions

Perkins Heavy Duty Manual Screw Press

24” Cooper Weymouth 7-Roll Straightener, S/N: V247905B

Thomson 1/8 Floor Type Riveter, with hopper

Bellows Mdl. PCB-1 Pneumatic Press, 7” throat, 14” x 10” bed, dual palms, S/N: B5001

Cyclone Reach-In Shot Blast Cabinet

KXM10 Bench Type Tool & Cutter Grinder

Assorted Aercology Downdraft Table & Fume Collectors

Hobart Mdl. RC-200 Welder, with Hobart #17 wire feeder

Hamilton die flipper 12″ x 35″ top plate, S/N: 18193

9-Roll 12” Wide Straightener, 1/2HP, vari-speed

12” Johansson Mdl. 8-18 Geared Head Drill, 2-speed, 1HP, 8-spindle speeds, 125-1540 RPM, S/N: 6701613

#15 Famco Kick Press

[6] #10 Excelsior Kick Presses

30HP Compare Mdl. 6030CAL Rotary Screw Type Air Compressor, S/N: V9L50988/2B

Hankinson Mdl. 20400 2HP Air Dryer, S/N: 0328A-2-8203-000

7-1/2HP Ingersoll Rand Mdl. T30 Vertical Tank Mounted Piston Type Air Compressor, S/N: 00030827

4000# Yale Mdl. NR040ADNS24TE091 Electric Stand-Up Riding Type Forklift Truck, extending forks, 203” reach, 24-volt, S/N: A815N037304

2780# Komatsu Mdl. FG15S-2 Riding Type Propane Forklift Truck, 169” reach, hard tires, triple mast, S/N: 180442

4000# Yale Mdl. MPB040ACN24C1836 Forklift Truck

2000# Lee Mdl. B578-2000 Walk Behind Pallet Lift

1500# Crown Electric Walk Behind Pallet Lift, S/N: 1A181037

1000# Presto Mdl. M16G Die Lift Cart

Assorted Coil Racks, approximately [72] sections, 114” long x 9” wide, adjustable

42” x 108” Adjustable Pallet Racking, 3-tier, wire shelving, approximately [90] sections

48” x 84” Adjustable Pallet Racking, 4-tier, wire shelving, [7] sections

24” x 72” Adjustable Pallet Racking, 4-tier, wire shelving, [15] sections

Assorted Lengths of D2 & S7 Tool Steel

Milling vises, collets, 5” Chas. Allen vise & anvil, Dumore toolpost grinders, Rockwell 3JR hardness tester, bench spot welder, clamps, die lift carts, A&P galvanize tubs, work benches, Lista & Vidmar tool cabinets, hardware, electrical & maintenance items, Assorted Motors & Vari-drives, wire, grinding wheels, broach sets, stamp sets, drill chucks, drills, taps, assorted inspection items, etc.

Real Estate Available – 60,000 Square Foot Building, on 1.52 Acres