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Online Only Consignment Auction Sale

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Tue, October 31st 2017 2:00 P.M. EDT


Multiple Locations - Brooklyn, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Etc.


By Appointment Only

1998 Jaguar Vander Plas Sedan, Approximately 25,600 Miles, V8 4.0, VIN#SAJKX6243WC826728 (Located In Brooklyn)

2004 Audi Tt Convertible, V6 3.2 Lithe, Black, Approximately 39,000 Miles, VIN# TRUUF28N541023356 (Located In Brooklyn)

Taylor-Dunn Outdoor Electric Utility Vehicle, 3,000 Lbs Capacity, 18 Mph, 30-Mile Range, 10,000 Lbs Tow Capacity – Free Loading on Truck (Located in Ronkonkoma, Ny


CNC Plasma Plate Burner

ESAB Avenger Model XP2-4000 VIS55 CNC Gantry Type Plasma Burning Table With Radius And Bevel Features, 133″ Cutting Width, 203″ Machine Width, 157.5″ Rail, 137″ Maximum Table Width, Positioning Accuracy: +/- 0.015″, Repeatability: 0.005″, Speed Range: 2-1400 Rpm, Complete With (1) Pt-36 Mechanized Plasmarc Torch, (2) Oxy-Fuel Machine Torches, 12′ Wide X 30′ Long Water Table, 30′ Floor Mounted Track ESAB Expert Motion Plasma Bevel Variable Bevel Assembly Up To 1-1/4″ Thick Material Capacity, Single Plasma Torch With Servo Motor, 3-Axis Fully Programmable, Maximum Rotation: +/- 540 Degrees, Maximum Tilt Angle +/- 45 Degrees, 9″ Maximum Vertical Travel, 45 Degree / Sec. Maximum Speed, (2) ESAB Plasmarc 400, 400-Amp Plasma Power Supplies 200vdc, 120kw, (1) New Used As Spare, Esab Pcc-10 Plasma Coolant Circulator, ESAB High Speed Omni Plasma Torch Station With High Speed Motorized Torch Lifter, Crash Protection System, Electronic Arc Voltage Height Control, ESAB Vision 5s CNC Controller With PC Based Software, Integrated Flexible Programming Software With Automatic Nesting (Transferrable License) S/N: 0560943085 (2007)  – Free Loading On Truck (Located In Bay Shore, NY)


Welding Positioners

Aronson Model. HS16 Welding Positioner, 16,000# Capacity, S/N: 81167 – Free Loading On Truck (Located In Bay Shore, NY)

Aronson Model. HS16 Welding Positioner, 16,000# Capacity, S/N: 81190 – Free Loading On Truck  (Located In Bay Shore, NY)



Fanuc Model M-16ib/20 6-Axis Material Handling Robot, 44.09 Lbs Payload, 65.63″ H-Reach, Complete With Fanuc System R-J3iB Robot Controller, S/N: R05y76560 (2005) – Can Be Loaded On Truck No Charge (Located In Linden, NJ)



Roto-Die Hydraulic Bender, with 10′ Length, 20 Gauge Cap. @ 1/2″ Die Opening, 16 Gauge Cap. @ 7/8″ Die Opening, 3″ Stroke, With Associated Dies, S/N 98213 (Located in Windsor, CT)


Edge Deburring Machines

D-BUR-R Edge Deburrer (Located in Brooklyn)

Gauer Model. 5H20 20″ Edge Deburring Machine, S/N: 46561 (Located in Brooklyn)


Chamfering Machine

B&G Stud Master Chamfering Machine, 3hp, 1/2″ – 4″ Dia, 2-3/4″ Minimum Length (Located in Brooklyn)



Manhattan Supply Company (MSC) Model HBS-916 Horizontal Bandsaw, 9″ With Speed Control, In Working Condition, – Can Be Loaded onto Truck for No Charge (Located In Tullytown, PA)

Grob Model 4V-18 Vertical Bandsaw, 18″ Throat Depth, 12″ Work Height, Complete with Butt Welder, Standard Hp 3, Max Hp 7.5, 240 Volts, 30 Amps, In Working Condition – Free Loading On Truck (Located In Tullytown, PA)



40KVA American Industrial/Lors Model. A/P Spot Welder, 220 Volt, Weld Timer, S/N: 71668 (Located in Brooklyn)

Nelson Nelweld 6000 Stud Welder (Located in Brooklyn)

Century 230-Amp AC Welder, Item Number: 84330 – can Be Loaded on Customer Truck No Charge (Located: Tullytown, PA)



Peddinghaus Model. 225/25 Single End Mechanical Punch, 1-3/8″ Diameter Thru 1″, 22-1/8″ Throat Depth, S/N: 12 (Located in Brooklyn)



150 Ton Dake Model. 6-850 Air Hydraulic H-Frame Shop Press, Adjustable Bottom Rail, S/N: 183069 (Located in Brooklyn)

Logansport Model 3-58918 Press, S/N: 47939 – Free Loading On Truck (Located In Ronkonkoma, NY)

Logansport Model 26321 Press, S/N: 165177 – Free Loading On Truck (Located In Ronkonkoma, NY)



A.B. Hultsfreds Type G4 Threader, Threading Head #16R-3230, S/N: 6389 (Located in Brooklyn)



Cincinnati #2 Plain Horizontal Mill with Vertical Head Attachment, Arbor Support, 10-1/2″ X 52″ Powerfeed Table, S/N: 5A 2PIC-577 (Located In Brooklyn)

Clausing Model. 8530 Vertical Milling Machine, 115/230 V, S/N: 009362 – Free Loading On Truck (Located In Ronkonkoma, NY)


Harig 6 X 18 Hand Feed Surface Grinder, with 6″ X 18″ Magnetic Chuck, 220/440 3-PH Electrics, S/N: 67214GJ801 – Free Loading On Truck (Located In Ronkonkoma, NY)

Boyar Shultz 6″ X 12″ Hand Feed Surface Grinder, (1-Hp, 3ph) Complete With Magna-Lock Electro-Matic Magnetic Chuck, In Working Condition – Can Be Loaded On Truck No Charge (Located In Tullytown, PA)



Burgmaster Houdalle 6-Station Turret Drill, 1.5-Hp Motor, 220v, S/N: 4948 – Free Loading On Truck (Located In Ronkonkoma, NY)



Temptek Model CF-4A Air Cooled Water Chiller, 4-Ton Capacity, 4-Hp Compressor, 5,000 CFM Fan Type Condenser, R-410a Refrigerant, S/N: 105158 (2007) – Free Loading On Truck (Located In Ronkonkoma, NY)

Temptek Model A-3.54 Portable Water Chiller, 230v 3PH Electrics, S/N: 5-5-6026 (1995) – Free Loading on Truck (Located In Ronkonkoma, Ny)

Conair Model MPA-4 Portable Chiller, 208v 3ph, S/N: 64862 – Free Loading On Truck (Located In Ronkonkoma, NY)


Sand Blaster

Little Blaster Reach In Shot Blast Cabinet, Light Duty, (1/2-Hp, 1ph) In Working Condition – Can Be Loaded On Truck No Charge (Located In Tullytown, PA)


Duct Forming Line

Iowa Precision Duct Forming Coil Line, Consisting Of: (3) Double Iowa Precision Welty-Way Drop-In Motorized Coil Uncoilers, Model. D6s60-2, 60″ Width, 42″ Diameter, Gear Drive Welty-Way Coil Selector Station Breeder, 60″ Hydraulic Econo Shear, Model. Esb6016, S/N 18416, 70″ Wide Rolls, Welty-Way Flying Hydraulic Shear and Notching Stations, Model. An60ctdc-Sd, S/N Antdc8420, 54″ Sheet Width, (2) Lockformer Lock Mark 5 Transfer Roller Tables, S/N’s 435 And 436, Approx. 78″ X 130″ Lockformer Tdc Duplex Side Roll Former, 28 Gauge, S/N Tdc2301, (14) Stations Each Side, 100″ Length, 60″ Adjustable Insulmatic Insulation Adhesive System, 56″ Wide, (7) Adhesive Applicators, Press Rolls, Durodyne 5-Head Vibratory Bowl Pin Inserters, 12″ Each, Welty-Way Wrap Brake, Model. B5w, 12″ L X 62″ W, S/N B5W8608, with 8′ Conveyorized Unload Table (Located in Windsor, Ct)


Harper 4″ Vanemaker Roll Former, with (2) Uncoil Rolls, Hydraulic and Hydraulic Vane Shear (Located In Windsor, CT)

Roll Formers

Lockformer 10-Station Roll Former Standing S Machine, with 1″ Clinch Rolls, Outboard (Located In Windsor, CT)

Lockformer Model. 18 7-Station Roll Former, 18 Gauge Cap., 3-In-1 Clinch Rolls, Outboard, S/N 12971 (Located in Windsor, CT)

Lockformer Model. 18 7-Station Roll Former, 18 Gauge Cap., Right Angle Flange Rolls, Outboard, S/N Na (Located in Windsor, CT)

Lockformer Model. SS20 5-Station Super Speed Roll Former, Double Seam Rolls, 20 Gauge Cap., S/N SS1717 (Located in Windsor, CT)


HVAC Machines

Lockformer Model. 8900 9-Station Cleat Former Machine, S/N 13732, 22 Gauge Cap., 3-1/2″ Roll Width, S Cleat, Drive Cleat (Located in Windsor, CT)

Lockformer Auto Glide Power Former, 16 Ga Capacity, S/N 3305 (Located in Windsor, CT)


Air Compressor

Curtis Toledo 5 Hp Air Compressor, With Approx. 125 Gallon Air Expansion Tank (Located In Windsor, CT)


Fume Collector

Filter Clean Portable Fume Collector (Located in Brooklyn)



Yale Electric Walk Along Type Forklift With 2-Stage Mast, Charger – Free Loading On Truck (Located In Ronkonkoma, NY)



Hp Designjet T1200 Plotter, S/N: CH538A (Located In Brooklyn)

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