Surplus Assets of a Major Culinary Company

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Tue, September 25th 2018 2:00 P.M. EDT


1140 Motor Parkway Islandia, NY 11749


Monday, September 24th from 8:00am to 4:00pm

Auction Description


Proseal Mdl. GT5 Inline Tray Sealer, [2] Proseal tool loading trolleys, S/N: 2923 (2014)

Proseal Mdl. GT0 Inline Tray Sealer, 12” wide x 19’ long variable speed belt conveyor, S/N: 2057 (2014)

Koch Mdl. UV250 Vacuum Sealer, 120v, S/N: 1649 (2001)

Ultrasource Mdl. Ultravac500 Vacuum Sealer, 240v, S/N: 2399 (2015)



Form / Fill / Seal

Bosch Mdl. Pack 201 Flow Wrapper, Markham SmartDate X40 inkjet date coder, 35’ long pack infeed conveyor (S/N: 13-31671), adjustable lugs, MGS pick & place machine, S/N: 13-31670

Multivac Mdl. R-140 Roll Stock Thermoformer, Busch Type RA 0160D5Z3LOZZ vacuum pump


Flow Wrapper

Ameri-Pak Mdl. 40 Flow Wrapper, lugged infeed conveyor, S/N: 407-152


Heat Tunnels

[2] Preferred Packaging Mdl. PP180844E0 Heat Shrink Tunnels, S/N’s: B1150102; B1150202


Inkjet Coders

[3] Videojet Mdl. 1710 Inkjet Coding Machines, S/N’s: 1122049C19ZH; 1216081C19ZH; 1219508C19ZH



Eaglestone Nitrogen Gas Flush Conveyor, 12” wide belt, [3] belt sections with individual drives, 27” long, 12” long, 54” long, vision sensor

Proseal Conveyor Belt, 17” wide x 6’ long, S/N: 2261

Eaglestone U-Shaped Plastic Conveyor Belt, 12” wide x approximately 18’ long, S/N: WHITS-6466-07 (2015)

Proseal Conveyor Belt, 12” wide x 19’ long, variable speed, S/N: 2058

Eaglestone Pleated Plastic Conveyor Belt, 12” wide x 20’ long, 8-1/2” wide pleats

Eaglestone Intralox Plastic Conveyor Belt, 12” wide x 60” long

Smart-Move Mdl. 1342 Plastic Belt Conveyor, 12” wide x 9’6” long, S/N: 002 (1999)

[2] Excel Packaging Systems Mdl. PP36B Belt Conveyors, 17” wide x 36” long, S/N’s: T2150805; T2141102


Metal Detectors

Goring Kerr Mdl. 60SS101NTK Metal Detector, 12” x 6” pass thru, S/N: 4708/2277

Metal Detector, 14” x 5” pass thru, on stainless steel cart

Metal Detector, on stainless steel cart



Felins Mdl. US2100AB Automatic Taping System, 115v, S/N: BT848/221A-30009

Truline Mdl. QT50 Top & Bottom Case Taper, S/N: L110603

[2] Highlight Mdl. Magnum 1300-TBU Top & Bottom Case Tapers, S/N’s: L314-200-22599; D215-200-23235 (2014)

[2] Eagle Mdl. T100 Top & Bottom Case Tapers, S/N’s: FC166888; FC1155608

3M Mdl. A20 Top & Bottom Case Sealer, S/N: 50886 (2012)



Anritsu Mdl. KW5476BW76 Checkweigher, 30g min, 3000g max, 120 pieces / min., S/N: 4600133130


Stretch Wrapper

Quick Pac Mdl. Revolution ST Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper


Tray Lidder

Oliver Mdl. 1908 Automatic Tray Lidder, change parts



Continental Mdl. 3RI-SA 3-Door Commercial Refrigerator / Freezer, stainless steel exterior, aluminum interior, 134a refrigerant, 208 / 230v, S/N: 15150036

Continental Mdl. 2R 2-Door Refrigerator, stainless steel exterior, aluminum interior, R134a refrigerant, 115v, S/N: 15278466

Manitowoc Mdl. SY1894N Ice Maker, R404 refrigerant, 208 / 230v, S/N: 110956099

[2] Heatcraft (Bohn) Mdl. BMA245AEA Unit Coolers, 115v, r12,22,502,404a refrigerant, S/N’s: T10E09497; T10E09498

Traulsen Mdl. G20010 Refrigerator, 115v, 134a refrigerant, S/N: T43099G13 (missing doors)



Lyco Mdl. Plenum Cooling Tank, Yaskawa V1000 variable speed drives, 5HP washdown motors, S/N: PCT101269936 (New 2012)



Revent 700 Series Oven, double rack, natural gas, 343,000 btu / hr

Alto-Shaam Combitherm Mdl. 20.20ESG Convection Oven, natural gas, 190,000 btu / hr, 120v, S/N: 9268289001-1

Alto-Shaam Combitherm Mdl. 20.20MLG Steam Convection Oven, natural gas, 190,000 btu / hr, 120v, S/N: 5893814012H

Alto-Shaam Combitherm Mdl. 20.20MLG Steam Convection Oven, natural gas, 170,000 btu / hr, 120v, S/N: 5910485007

Blodgett Mdl. DFG-100 Dual Flow Gas Convection Oven, double rack, Cook 115v

[4] Imperial Double Deck Ovens, natural gas

[2] Blodgett Mdl. Zephaire-E Double Deck Ovens, 208v, S/N’s: 081712ZA0T2T; 0817122A053B

Blodgett Mdl. Zephaire-E Oven, 208 / 220v

Blodgett Double Deck Oven

Vulcan Mdl. VHFA18-1M3ZN Proofer, 120v, S/N: 521011715

[2] Southbend Mdl. GS25SC Double Deck Ovens, natural gas, S/N’s: 03A42023; 08A42027

Cleveland Steam Oven

Blodgett Mdl. Zephaire-G Oven, 115v



Tranchex Mdl. T-3000 Slicer

Vemag Stuffer, PC878 controller

[2] Meat Grinders

Mdl. LP-60 Meat Vacuum Tumbler, S/N: 9912929

Famco Mdl. JY Linker, S/N: 2709

Famco Mdl. Mini Linker, S/N: 10922

Bird Vertical Bandsaw

Weber Mdl. CCS-305-A100 Meat Slicer, 400 RPM, 0.5 – 50mm cutting thickness, S/N: CCS-305-308 (2012)

Weber Mdl. KSG-470 Blade Sharpening Device, S/N: 722 (2012)

Ross Mdl. 700NPT Meat Tenderizer, S/N: 4376EMPR

Fendooy Mdl. F-19S Slicer, 220v, S/N: 157168 (with spare blades)

Sir Steak Machinery Mdl. BCC Meat Slicer, 3/4HP, 115v, S/N: 00015448

Inject Star Drum Tumbler (no drum)

Fusion Tech Mdl. SH-50 Shredder, stainless steel, 10,000# / hr



Hobart Mdl. 4356-A Stainless Steel Dual Shaft Mixer, approximately 20 cu. Ft., bottom auger discharge, S/N: 27-0310-915

DFE Dump Mixer, approximately 13 cu. Ft., paddle & ribbon

Stricklin Paddle Mixer, 90 cu. Ft., dimple jacket rated 150-PSI @ 300˚F (2004)

Lightnin Clamp-On Dual Prop Mixer, .87HP

Lightnin Style Clamp-On Dual Prop Mixer, air powered



Stein Mdl. EA14JH Batter Breading System, 16” wide belt, S/N: 326

Bettcher Mdl. ABB Breader, S/N: 313100599




[8] Avery Weigh-Tronics Mdl. ZM-301 Scales, S/N’s: 121651166; 121651126; 121651114; N/A; 164750140; 152351071; 121651052; 121651063

[5] Avery Weigh-Tronics Mdl. ZQ-375 Checkweighers, S/N’s: 121950300; N/A; 144650744; 153050687; 15320012

Avery Weigh-Tronics Mdl. ZM-301-SD1 Checkweigher, S/N: 121651091



Southern Pride Mdl. BBR-79-1-FL Smoker Box, natural gas fired, max 75,000 btu / hr, 120v, S/N: 10/30



Kinney Mdl. KT-5000D 30HP Single Stage Rotary Piston Oil-Sealed Vacuum Pump, S/N: 91468

Fristam 20HP Stainless Steel Pump

Gusher Series 7800 Mdl. 11032NS-A Vertical Pump, carbon steel, 15HP, 230 / 460v, S/N: 1435-975



Wolf Mdl. SCB60CN-1 Gas Grill, 159,500 BTU / hr, S/N: 650076286

MagiKitchen Natural Gas Flat Top Griddle, 40” wide

Belson Port-A-Grill BBQ, basket rotisserie



Cherry-Burrell Mdl. 4355BL-2 Thermaflex Heat Exchanger, plate & frame type, S/N: 2372

Cherry-Burrell Thermaflex Heat Exchanger, plate & frame type



Sullair Mdl. V-200 TS-200L/W 2-Stage Rotary Air Compressor, S/N: 003-138759

Airtec Mdl. SLD-30HP Frozen Compressed Air Dryer, R-22 refrigerant, S/N: SOY-D000-1609-0690 (2016)



Stainless Steel Electrical Panel

TCP Lighting (on pallets)



Genie Mdl. GS-2646 Self-Propelled Scissor Lift, 32’ max height

Genstar Type JA-R45GS-F Reefer Trailer, Carrier Micro-Link 2, R-134a, S/N: JE97-3329 (1997)

BHS Mdl. BTC-24MPP Forklift Battery Transport Cart, S/N: JC100978

Forklift Barrel Attachment



Douglas Machines Corp. Mdl. LD-36-ELEL Pot, Pan & Container Washer, S/N: 14/11150



Including: bakery sheet pans, metro rack shelving, assorted stainless steel tables, assorted carts, plastic cutting boards, 5-drawer file cabinet, Dyna-Fold Mdl. 330 Automatic Paper

Folding Machine, accumulation table, vibratory conveyor, powered roller conveyor, 17” wide x 6’ long conveyor belt, 16” wide x 6’ long conveyor belt, 5HP stainless steel pump,

centrifugal pump, pick-to-light system, assortment of stainless steel sinks, warehouse guards, gate, H.B. Fuller hot melt adhesive, stainless steel fittings & spray balls, push carts,

2” Marwin stainless steel ball valves, Jinan Eagle Type DP-20 oil sprayer, etc.