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CNC Plasma Buring Machine
ESAB Avenger Model XP2-4000 VIS55 CNC Gantry Type Plasma Burning Table With Radius And Bevel Features, 133″ Cutting Width, 203″ Machine Width, 157.5″ Rail, 137″ Maximum Table Width, Positioning Accuracy: +/- 0.015″, Repeatability: 0.005″, Speed Range: 2-1400 Rpm, Complete With (1) Pt-36 Mechanized Plasmarc Torch, (2) Oxy-Fuel Machine Torches, 12′ Wide X 30′ Long Water Table, 30′ Floor Mounted Track, Esab Expert Motion Plasma Bevel Variable Bevel Assembly Up To 1-1/4″ Thick Material Capacity, Single Plasma Torch With Servo Motor, 3-Axis Fully Programmable, Maximum Rotation: +/- 540 Degrees, Maximum Tilt Angle +/- 45 Degrees, 9″ Maximum Vertical Travel, 45 Degree / Sec. Maximum Speed, (2) ESAB Plasmarc 400, 400-Amp Plasma Power Supplies 200vdc, 120kw, (1) New Used As Spare, ESAB PCC-10 Plasma Coolant Circulator, ESAB High Speed Omni Plasma Torch Station With High Speed Motorized Torch Lifter, Crash Protection System, Electronic Arc Voltage Height Control, ESAB Vision 5S CNC Controller With PC Based Software, Integrated Flexible Programming Software With Automatic Nesting (Transferrable License), (2007) (Located in Deer Park, NY)

Tack Welder
Joyal Model 60-120MFD 1KVA 1PH Electric Tack Welder, with Welder, Transformer, Foot Pedal Controls (Located in New Jersey)

CNC Vertical Machining Center
HAAS Mdl. Vf2 CNC Vertical Machining Center, Pre-Wired For 4th Axis, 45:38 Run Time, 15″ X 36″ Work Table, CAT 40 Taper Spindle, 24-Position Tool Changer, 8100 Rpm, Ridgid Tapping, Renishaw Touch Probe, Chip Conveyor, S/N: 1137070 (2017) (Located in Hanover, MA)

CNC Turning Center
Hwacheon “Cutex” 160A High Productive Turning Center, 21″ Swing, 11.81″ Length, 16C Collet Nose Chuck, A2-5 Spindle Nose, 2.20” Hole Through Spindle, 12 Position Turret, Fanuc Oi-TD CNC Controls, 6000 RPM, Hydraulic Tailstock, 5/3-HP, S/N: MO24359I2F, (2011) (Located in Hanover, MA)

Hardinge Conquest Model GT-SP CNC Gang Type Lathe, 11.76″ Maximum Swing Diameter Over Way Cover, 2.654″ Maximum Swing Diameter Over Tooling Top Plate, .5″ Collet Closer Stroke, 4.0″ 5C Step Chuck Capacity, Travels (5C / 16C): X-11.968, Z-11.062″/10.412″, 11.259″ / 10.609″ Distance Spindle Face to Top Plate (5C / 16C), ANSI A2-4″ Spindle Taper, 60-6,000 RPM Spindle Speed, 5-HP Spindle Motor, 472 IPM / 630 IPM Rapid Traverse Rates (X/Z) Complete with Gang Slide for Mounting Tools, RS-232 Port Interface, Coolant System, All Available Tooling & Manuals (Located in NJ

Servo Bar Feeds
HAAS Servo 300 Model 48A Bar Feed, 3/8″-3-1/8″ Capacity, Up to 60″ Length, 650 LBS Maximum Bar Weight, S/N: 93381 (2011) (Only a Few Hours of Operation) (Located in Poughkeepsie NY)

HAAS Servo 300 Model BAR 300 Servo Feed Bar Feeder, 48″ Length (Located in NJ)

CNC Laser
LVD Model Helius 2513 2,000-Watt CNC Laser, With 52” X 110” Cutting Bed, Shuttle Table, Approximately 50” X 100” Cutting Capacity, Ge Fanuc Series 16-L CNC Controls, S/N: 24994 (1998) (Located In Stamford, CT)

CNC Drill Line
Ficep Model 1001 CNC Drill Line 40MM Maximum Diameter, 30MM Maximum Thickness, 350kg Maximum Weight, 450n/Mm2 Maximum Tensile Strength, 78″ X Approximately 58′ Of Travel, Fanuc Series 210is-Tb CNC Controls, S/N: 28080 (2003) (Located in Hauppauge, NY)

Tube Bender
Pines No. 1 Hydraulic Tube Bender, 162.25″ Overall Length, 17″ Length of Arm, 137.75″ Bed Length, 1.625″ Centerline Height, Complete with Mandrel Extractor, Turret Stop, S/N: 11014 (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

CNC Plasma Tube / Pipe Profiling / Notching Machine
Baileigh Mdl. PTP-1120 CNC Plasma Tube / Pipe Profiling / Notching Machine, with plasma torch, 12” 3-jaw chuck with reversible top jaws, will handle part from 2’11-1/2” OD x 20’ length, 100lbs. / ft. max load, single phase electrics, S/N: A16021048 [new cost: $33,000] (Located in Yonkers, NY)

Power Shear
Cincinnati Mdl. 2512 12’ x 3/8” Gap Frame Mechanical Power Shear, with 36” range front operated power back gauge, s/n: 27260 (New 1953) (Located in Yonkers, NY)

Cincinnati Model 1012 12′ x 10GA Capacity Power Shear, Complete with 24″ Power Backgauge, S/N: 13464 (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

Wysong 52″ x 10GA Model 1052 Power Squaring Shear, Complete with Power Back Gauge, 60SPM, Front Arm Supports, 5-HP 3PH/60HZ Motor (Located in New Jersey)

Press Brake
Cyril Bath Mdl. 150-10 12’ x 150 Ton Mechanical Press Brake, with 10’2” between housings, rear manual back gauge, ISB light safety (disabled), 3” stroke, 12” shut height, 8” throat, wide bed design (not flanged), load indicator, AC 3/60/220-440, controls & foot pedal, S/N: 5737 (New 1957) (Located in Yonkers, NY)

Premier Model 120-12-CR 120-Ton x 12′ Hydraulic Press Brake, Complete with Cybelec DNC1200 3-Axis CNC Controller (New 2001) (Machine May Have a Control Problem) (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

Cincinnati Model 175FMx8 175-Ton x 10′ Hydraulic Press Brake, Complete with Hurco 7 2-Axis CNC Control, Hydraulic Clamping (Machine Has a Control Problem), S/N: 43291 (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

Amada Model RG50 55-Ton x 6′ Hydraulic Upacting Press Brake, 82.7″ Maximum Bending Length, 59.9″ Distance Between Uprights, 15.76″ Throat Depth, 39.4″ Length of Stroke, 14.58″ Open Height, S/N: 504701 (1988) (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

Pacific Model 165-12 165-Ton x 12′ Hydraulic Press Brake, Complete with Automec CNC 1000 CNC Back Gauge, S/N: 6916 (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

Hydraulic Iron Workers
Cleveland (Edwards) 100 Ton Hydraulic Ironworker, 6” x 6” x ½”, with 1-1/16” diameter in 1” plate, 10” throat punch end, 2nd punch / coper / notcher end, assorted punch & dies, floor joystick control, S/N: 211710013 (New 2013) (Located in Yonkers, NY)

Hill Acme Model 7 150-Ton Capacity Hydraulic Ironworker, 24″ Punch Throat Depth, 2″ Stroke, 1/4″ x 8-1/2″ , 1″ x 10-1/2″ Shearing Capacity Flats, 1/2″ x 14-1/2″, 18″ Blade Length, S/N: 807A99601 (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

Angle Bending Rolls
Buffalo Model 1/2 2″ x 2″ x 1/4″ Angle Bending Roll, Manual Roll Adjustment (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

Bending Rolls
New Dimension Pyramid Type 5′ x 10GA Capacity Power Slip Roll, 5″ Top Roll Diameter, Manual Drop End (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

Heck Trace-A-Punch Model 4 Nibbler, 3/16″ Cutting Capacity, 16″ Throat, 1200 SPM, 3-HP Motor, Compete with Floor Stand, S/N: 151-68477 (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

Stroke Sander
Doucet Mdl. MSP-PMC-404-6-HD Heavy Duty Stroke Sander & Polishing Machine, with 6” wide belt, 176” between uprights, 7.5HP drive motor, 24” powered vertical adjustment of sanding belt assembly, approximately 102” powered in / out movement of sanding belt assembly on track, 12’ x 68” work table, 43” fixed height work table, contact wheel & carriage, pneumatic belt tensioner, wet type dust collector, S/N: 2013-05-132 (New 2013) [new cost: $60,000] (Located in Yonkers, NY)

Milling Machines
Bridgeport 2S Mdl. 3051D1130 Plain Horizontal Knee Type Milling Machine, with 13-3/4” x 55” work table, power feed in all directions, #50 NST spindle taper, arbor support, miscellaneous spacers & cutters, drawbar, [2] 8” Kurt vises, S/N: 77/77205 (New 1977) (Located in Yonkers, NY)

Bridgeport Series I 2-HP Knee Type Vertical Milling Machine, 9″ x 42″ Servo Power Feed Table, Bridgeport Rapid Traverse, 60-4200 RPM, Acu-Rite III 2-Axis Digital Readout, 6″ Swivel Machine Vise, R-8 Collets, S/N: 12/BR 237675 (Located in Poughkeepsie NY)

Harrison Model M550 22″ / 32.75″ x 80″ Geared Head Engine Lathe, 3.5″ Spindle Bore, Complete with IN/MM Threading, 3-Jaw Chuck, Acurite DRO, 22″ Face Plate, 1,400 RPM, 12.5-HP 460V (2003) (Located in Buffalo, NY)

Enco Model 11-1658 16″ x 58″ Capacity Geared Head Engine Lathe, Complete with Threading Dial, 3-Jaw Chuck, Stedi-Rest, 2-Axis Digital Readout (Needs Bearing Mou0nt on Cross-Slide Screw) (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

Rotary Surface Grinder
Blanchard No. 20 36″ Rotary Surface Grinder, with 36″ Electromagnetic Chuck, Segmented Grinding Wheels, 7/16″ Chuck Wear, Filtration System, Coolant Pump, (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

Wilton Model 3230 Horizontal Bandsaw, 1/2-HP Motor, Manual Clamping, 10″ Opening, with Cabinet, S/N: 0944629 (Located in Poughkeepsie NY)

Amada Model HKA800 20″ x 30″ Capacity Horizontal Automatic Bandsaw, With Hydraulic Feed, Conveyor, 1-1/2″ Blade, S/N: 80000007 (1989)(Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

DoAll Model ZW-3620 36″ Vertical Hi-Speed Bandsaw, S/N: 31-662408 (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

DoAll Model 3613-2 36″ Verical Bandsaw, Complete with Contouring Table, Butt Welder Attachment, S/N: 151-68477 (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

Kaltenbach Non-Ferrous Cold Mitre Saw (Located in Poughkeepsie NY)

Eisele Model VMSII PV Cold Saw, Complete with Air Vise, S/N: 10213.072 (1984) (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

Inspection Equipment
Unitron Model 7758 Microscope with Microcode Digital Readout (Located in Poughkeepsie NY)

Mitutoyo Model PJ311 12″ Optical Comparator, with Quadra-Chek III, 9-1/2″ x 11-3/4″ Table, Optoeye-ML, S/N: 70312 (Located in Poughkeepsie NY)

Edge Bander
SCMI Selecta 12-F Edge Bander, Panel Thickness: 10mm Min./50mm Max., Standard Speed: 12 Mt/MinMinimum Working Width: 60mm with edges in strips or coiled material / 110mm with edge in solid wood, Minimum Panel Length: 140mm, Minimum Thickness: 0.4mm, Maximum Thickness: 12mm, Electrical: 230V/3PH Complete with Gluing Unit, End Trimmer Unit, (2) Tilted Trimmer Units, Edge Scraper Unit and Buffer Unit, S/N: A/009536 (Located in Melville, NY)

(2006) Audi S4 4-Door Sedan, 6-Speed Manual Transmission, with Black Leather Interior, Lava Grey Metallic Paint, 72,910 Miles, Power Driver & Passenger Seats, Heat, AC, Steering Wheel Controls, Cruise Control, Driver & Passenger Air Bags with Passenger Cut-Off, AM/FM/DC Changer Anti-Theft Radio, Aluminum Alloy Wheels, Heated Exterior Door Locks, Keyless Entry, Second Row Folding Seat, New Clutch, All New Mounts (Motor, Transmission, Differential) New Short Shifter & Linkage, New Suspension (Shocks & Springs have been upgraded & Replaced), Front & Rear Sway Bars, Upgraded Exhaust, and Motor Tune. Vehicle will come with All Audi Maintenance Records, and Receipts for all Aftermarket Work and Parts. (Only 1,900 Miles on New Clutch) – Owner is Full-Time Active Military and No Longer Needs the Car. VIN# WAUGL78E16A050890 (Located in NJ)

(2002) Lexus LS300 4-Door Sedan, Power Sunroof, AM/FM Radio with CD Player, Heat / AC, Leather Interior, Power Driver Seat, Driver & Passenger Side Airbags, Cruise Control, Full-Size Spare, VVT-I V6 24V Gasoline Engine, 4-Speed Automatic Transmission with Overdrive, 123,688 Miles, Single Owner, Vin# JTHBF30G525034896 (Located in Farmingdale, NY)

Drill Press
American Hole Wizard 48″ Arm Radial Drill (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

Avey No. 5 27″ Type BMA-6 Heavy Duty Drill Press, 24-1/2″ x 22″ Table Hand Crank Elevation, 6-Speed, 150-1200 RPM, S/N: 30406 (Located in Poughkeepsie NY)

Material Handling
Crown Model 20WTL 2,000# Capacity Electric Walk Behind Lift, 24-Volt, 154″ Reach, Complete with Charger, S/N: W-10370 (Located in Poughkeepsie NY)

Hyster Model S50XM 4950# Capacity Forklift Truck, 3-Stage Mast, 189” Reach, Side Shift, Solid Tires, LPG Motor, S/N: D187V15644W (As-Is) (Located in Melville, NY)

Komatsu Model FG25S-4 5,000# Capacity Forklift Truck, 2-Stage Mast, 130” Reach, Solid Tires, LPG Motor, S/N: 17193 (As Is) (Located in Melville, NY)

Multiton Model SM 20-62 2,000# Capacity Electric Die Lift Truck, 62” Lift Height, S/N: 08111786499 (1999) (Located in Melville, NY)

Multiton Model ELE35 3,000# Capacity Electric Pallet Jack, 21” Lift Height, 24-Volt (AS-IS) (Located in Melville, NY)

Air Compressor
Sullair 40-HP Rotary Screw Type Air Compressor, S/N: 003-106215 (Located in Poughkeepsie NY)

Miscellaneous Machinery
Bonal Technologies Model 11002A Stress Relief & Weld Conditioner, S/N: 1470 (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

BTM Model P-2H x 3/8″ TE100 Pneumatic Press Head (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

BTM Model P-5-H x 3/8 TE150 Pneumatic Press Head (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

Darex Model E-85/90/TR Tool Sharpener, Complete with Collets, S/N: 9346D (Located in Lititz, PA – Free Loading on Truck)

Finishing Machinery
Kramer Model E-300 Vibratory Finisher, 27-1/2″ x 9-1/2″ x 10″ Deep, S/N: 6161 (Located in Poughkeepsie NY)


Securall 2-Door Heavy Duty Drum Type Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet (Located in Melville, NY)

Justrite Sure-Grip EX 2-Door Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet (Located in Melville, NY)

Justrite Sure-Grip EX Single Door Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet (Located in Melville, NY)

Securall Single Door Flammable Storage Cabinet (Located in Melville, NY)

Gearner Portable Scrap Hopper (Located in Poughkeepsie NY)