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Due to the COVID-19 - Please note the special terms and conditions regarding Inspection & Removal
Due to the COVID-19 - Please note the special terms and conditions regarding Inspection & Removal


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Tue, May 14th 2019 1:00 PM EST


27 Somerset Place Clifton, New Jersey 07012


Monday, May 13th From 8AM to 4PM

Auction Description

CNC Lathes
Hitachi Seiki Mdl. Hi tec-turn 23S II “Super Productive Turning Cell”, 15” swing, 10” maximum turning length, 15/23.6” maximum shaft length, 2-1/2” bar capacity, travels: X- 7.9”, Z- 15-3/4 / 4/24.8”, 20-3600 spindle speed range, A2-8 spindle nose, 3” hole through spindle, 787 IPM X-axis rapid traverse, 945 IPM Z-axis rapid traverse, 0.0001-10.685 in/min cutting feed, 0-80 IPM jog feed, M&S spindle ID taper complete with 10-station turret, 10” 3-jaw chuck, hydraulic chuck, hydraulic tailstock, parts catcher, Mayfran elevated chip conveyor, coolant, bijur 1-shot lube, 1-HP hydraulic pump, Seiki Multi CNC controls, S/N: HTS2928HL


CNC Vertical Machining Center
Fadal Mdl. VMC 40 904-1 CNC Vertical Machining Center, Travels: X-22”, Y-16”, Z-20”, 4”-24” spindle nose to table, 39” x 16” table size, 3” x .562” x 4.33” t-slots, .01” – 250”, X/Y/Z cutting feed rate, 16” spindle center to column ways, 15-HP spindle motor, complete with 21-position automatic tool changer, CAT 40 taper spindle, 75-10,000 RPM spindle speeds, wired for 4th axis Fadal Mdl. VH65 4th axis rotary table, Fadal CNC 88 CNC controls, coolant, S/N: 9011725


19” x 60” Leblond Makino Regal Servo Shift Geared Head Engine Lathe, 19-1/4” swing over crosslide, 54” distance between centers, 12 spindle speeds, 40-1600 RPM spindle speeds, 48 feed changes, .0018 – .104 IPR feed range, complete with in/mm threading, 2-112 threads per inch, Trav-A Dial threading dial, 3” hole through spindle, 8” 3-jaw chuck, 12” 3-jaw chuck, 14” 4-jaw chuck, steady-rest, Aloris tool post, S/N: 15E-524

Hardinge Mdl. HC Chucker, 4-1/2” crosslide travel, 14” maximum distance from face of turret to spindle, 1-3/4” maximum length for threading, 6” external, 1” internal maximum diameter for threading, 2.189” spindle nose thread, 1-5/32” spindle nose diameter, 2-3/16” – 10 R.H. spindle nose thread, 5-C spindle, 3-selector vari-speed, 125-3000 RPM, 11/32” – 6-1/4” IPM crosslide power feed range, ¼-10 IPM carriage power feed range, complete with 8-station turret, carriage length indicator attachment, drawbar, threading copy attachment, coolant, adjustable carriage stop, S/N: HC-1004C


Vertical Mill
Bridgeport Series I – 2-HP Vertical Milling Machine, 9” x 42” power feed table, 12” saddle travel, 5” quill travel, 16” knee travel, 12” RAM travel, 16-3/4” – 18-3/4 throat distance, R-8 spindle, complete with Newall Saphire 2-axis digital readout, Servo powerfeed table, 2-HP motor, 60-4200 RPM, S/N: 12/BR 242342


Phoenix Mdl. PA10 Hydraulic Feed Horizontal Bandsaw, 8” x 12” rectangle, 10” diameter round, 11’6” x 1” x .035” blade size, complete with 43” overall length, automatic feed table, 16” single cycle, 144” multi-cycle maximum shuttle travel, 5600# maximum load capacity, 70-278 STPM blade 3-speed, power clamping, 12” maximum vise opening, 3-HP motor, 15 gallon coolant tank, 13 gallon capacity hydraulic tank with 1-HP hydraulic pump

Powermatic Mdl. 87 19” Vertical Bandsaw with 24” x 24” contouring table, vari-speed, complete with Mdl. 600 butt welder attachmenet, S/N: 66-7412

Kalamazoo KI 10” abrasive chop saw with 1-HP motor


Surface Grinder
Boyar-Schultz Challenger Mdl. H612 6” x 12” Hand Feed Surface Grinder, 13” longitudinal table travel, 7” crossfeed table travel, 8” maximum diameter grinding wheel, Handwheel graduations downfeed .0005”, crossfeed .001”, 1-HP motor 3450 RPM with Walker Cermax, 6” x 12” permanent magnetic chuck, S/N: 27197


Belt Sander
Rockwell Mdl. 31-710 6” x 12” belt disc sander, S/N: EP4735


Coordinate Measuring Machine
Brown & Sharpe Microval Coordinate Measuring Machine, measuring range: 14” x 16” x 12”, 150# table load capacity, 18” x 24” x 15” part size capability, 0.00024” linear accuracy, 20-1/2” between gantries, 18” x 24” x 3” tapped granite surface plate, Renishaw TP15 probe, pc, S/N: 022399


Tumico 14” Optical Comparator, with 8” x 4” part area, micrometer adjustment, S/N: 1465


Miscellaneous Inspection
Starrett 24” x 18” x 2” granite surface plates, 12” x 18” x 2” crystal pink granite surface plates, micrometers, height gauges, Meyer pin gauge sets, micrometer sets, micrometers – up to 13” with standards, dial bore gauges, ID micrometers, assorted dial calipers, Vernier calipers, v-blocks, indicators, plug gauges, ID & OD thread gauges, DoAll granite step blocks, etc.


Drill Presses
Clausing Mdl. 2276 20” Floor Type Drill Press, with 18” x 15-1/2” square steel table, 6” depth, spindle speeds 150-2000 RPM, 1.5 – .75HP motor

Champion Mdl. 1600 16” Floor Type Drill Press, with 10” x 10” steel table, 1/2HP motor, S/N: 20185


Air Compressors
Ingersoll Rand Mdl. 2340L5-V 5HP Single Stage 60-Gal. Capacity Tank Mounted Vertical Air Compressor, 175-PSI max pressure, S/N: CB3V02615

Speedaire Mdl. UME98A 14.2-SCFM @ 140-PSI Single Stage 60-Gal. Capacity Tank Mounted Vertical Air Compressor, S/N: L12/17/09-00028


Baldor 6” Double End Pedestal Carbide Grinder, 1/2HP

Baldor 6” Double End Pedestal Grinder, 3600 RPM

[2] Kalamazoo 1” Vertical Belt Sanders, 1/3HP motor

[2] Dayton Single End Buffer, 1/2HP motor

Black Diamond Mdl. 3B Bench Type Drill Grinder, 1/8” – ¾” bit range, 1/3HP motor, S/N: 20147

MSI Barrel Tumbler

Greenerd No. 3-3/4” Arbor Press, pedestal, S/N: 530471


Miscellaneous Shop Support, including: Hardinge spindle nose collet chuck, carbide insertable boring bars, carbide inserts, insertable lathe cutters, 5C collets, R8 collets, CAT 40 taper tool holders, Kurt 6” machine vises, large quantity of soft jaws, carbide end mills, assorted high speed end mills, drills, taps, reamers, counterbores, countersinks, Bridgeport boring heads, 5C collet closers, assorted 3-jaw chucks, flow-through carbide drills, 12” & 8” rotary tables, geometric die heads, Hardinge tooling, threading dies, assorted hand tools, shop vacuums, hand trucks, barrel trucks, pedestal fans, angle plates, pneumatic hand tools, adjustable cantilever stock racks with assorted tool steel, aluminum, brass, round bar, square bar, angle, hex, etc.