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Due to the COVID-19 - Please note the special terms and conditions regarding Inspection & Removal

COMPLETE CNC MACHINING FACILITY – Central Machining Specialties

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Tue, September 1st 2020 1:00PM EST


45 Edison Avenue, West Babylon, NY 11704


Monday August 31st from 9:00AM – 4:00PM

Auction Description


2005  Doosan Infracore “Puma 240B”, 8” Diameter Chuck, 13.8” swing, 17.3 machining length, 4500RPM, collet nose, programmable toolstock, tool pre-setter, chip conveyor, Fanuc 21i-TB control, S/N’s: PM242829; PM24241844



2000 Fadal VMC 6030HT, 30” x 30” x 60” travels, 10,000RPM spindle, 30” x 62” bed, 21-position automatic tool changer, BT40 taper spindle, Rigid tapping, CNC 88S control, S/N: 012000030476

2003 Fadal VMC 4525HT, Travels: 45”-X, 25”-Y, 32”-Z, 25” x 53” table, 10,000RPM, 24-position automatic tool changer, BT40 taper spindle, Fadal multi-processor CNC control, Rigid tapping, coolant thru spindle, with expanded memory, S/N: 012003105726

2000 Fadal VMC 4020HT, travels: 40”-X, 20”-Y, 28”-Z, 20” x 48” table, 10,000RPM, 21-position automatic tool changer, RT40 spindle taper, Rigid tapping, Fadal CNC 88HS control, with expanded memory, S/N: 012000020164

1991 Fadal VMC 4020HT, travels: 40”-X, 20”-Y, 28”-Z, 20” x 48” table, BT40 spindle taper, 21-position automatic tool changer, S/N: 9110661

1987 Kuraki KV1000 VMC, travels: 41.34”-X, 21.65”-Y, 23.62”-Z, 22” x 55” table, BT50 spindle, 32-position automatic tool changer, Fanuc 11mm control, S/N: 9616

1990 Kuraki KV1000 VMC, travels: 41.34”-X, 21.65”-Y, 23.62”-Z, 22” x 55” table, BT50 spindle, 32-position automatic tool changer, Fanuc 15-m control, S/N: 11379

Kuraki KV-700 VMC, travels: 28.35”-X, 15.75”-Y, 19.69”-Z, 18” x 39-1/2” table, BT40 spindle taper, 24-position automatic tool changer, Fanuc 6M

Kitamura “MyCenter-1” VMC  14” x 31” table, 16-position tool changer, coolant, B7-35 spindle taper, S/N: 01480 (1984)

1993 Haas VF-3 VMC , travels: 40”-X, 20”-Y, 25”-Z, 18” x 48” table, 7500RPM, 20-position automatic tool changer, CAT40 spindle, Haas CNC control, Rigid tapping, S/N: 2642 (1993)

Also Available: 7” Haas 4th axis rotary table with Haas servo control


LATHES (including Hardinge 2nd Operation)

16” x 40” Nardini “Mascote” MSC1640E Gap Bed Lathe, approximately 28” thru gap, 25-2000 RPM, inch / mm threading, taper attachment, Camloc spindle, S/N: N/A

12-1/2” x 20” Monarch “EE” Lathe, Camloc spindle, 0-2500 RPM, vari-speed, 4-jaw chuck, S/N: EE34211 

Hardinge DVB-59 Lathe, 230-3500 RPM, push button vari-speed, compound, tailstock, draw bar, S/N: DVB-59-6141-3 

Hardinge DV-59 Turret Lathe, cross slide, 6-position turret, draw bar, 230-3500 RPM, push button vari-speed, S/N: DV-59-14166 

Hardinge DB Lathe, only tailstock, S/N: V-59-729-1 

9” x 18” Elgin Lathe, split bed, tailstock (no compound) 

8” x 18” Neotor Swiss Bench Lathe, 3-phase, 3-speed belt drive, 4-jaw chuck, bench type



Bridgeport 1-1/2HP Vari-Speed Vertical Mill, 9” x 42” power feed table, 60-4200 RPM, R8 spindle, Futaba digital readout, S/N: 12BR-124835

Bridgeport 1-1/2HP Vari-Speed Vertical Mill, 9” x 42” power feed table, 60-4200 RPM, R8 spindle, Accu-Rite II digital readout, S/N: 12BR-148145

Bridgeport 1HP Step Pulley Head, 9” x 42” power feed table, 8-spindle speeds, 80-2720 RPM, R8 spindle, S/N: 12BR-212736



10” x 20” Proth Mdl. PSGS-250AH Hydraulic Feed Surface Grinder, over-the-wheel dresser, push button controls, coolant, electromagnetic chuck, S/N: 502214-3 (1985)

8” x 18” Kent Mdl. KGS-200 Hand Feed Surface Grinder, micro-mesh permanently magnetic chuck, S/N: 810537-12

6” x 12” Reid Mdl. 612H Hand Feed Surface Grinder, neutrofier, permanently magnetic chuck, 1HP direct drive spindle, S/N: 17095



Moore #3 Jig Borer, S/N: B853

Moore #1-1/2 Jig Borer, Accu-Rite II digital readout, S/N: J126

Also Available: Large Quantity of Moore Tooling & Accessories, Moore Wood Cabinet



Sunnen Mdl. 1660, 1/2HP Hone, S/N: 81957

Also Available: Assorted Mandrel & Stones


SAWS (all types)

12” x 16” DoAll Mdl. C-70 Automatic Feed Horizontal Bandsaw, power clamping, 0-350 FPM, work height selector, 1” blade, infeed table, S/N: 150-702510 

16” DoAll Mdl. ML Vertical Bandsaw, 24” x 24” tilting table, 0-1600 FPM, vari-speed, welder, grinder, S/N: 5216677 

16” Walker Turner Mdl. 3331 Vertical Bandsaw, 18” x 19” table, vari-speed up to 3500 RPM, S/N: 33-0639

Scotchman Mdl. MC250A Mitre Cold Saw, 1.1 / 1.8kw, 2-speed motor, 10” saw, S/N: 06831642A

Marathon Mitre Cold Saw,10” saw



15” Clausing Vari-Speed Floor Type, 10” x 14” table, 400-4000 RPM, t-slotted base, S/N: 529643

15” Walker Turner Floor Type Tapping Head, single phase

14” Delta Milwaukee Bench Type, 1/2HP, 3-phase, S/N: 110-7617

[4] 14” Clausing Mdl. 1685 4-Spindle Production Gang Drills, 15” x 60” table, S/N’s: 515683; 114003; 114013; 114014

14” Delta Milwaukee Bench Type, 3-phase, 10” x 10” table, S/N: 105-9522

14” Blackhawke Mdl. DP-514 Bench Type, 5-spindle speeds, single phase, S/N: 78430

14” Delta Milwaukee Floor Type, tapping head

13” Duracraft Mdl. DP-514 Bench Type, 13” diameter table, 5-spindle speeds, single phase, 48-3170 RPM, S/N: 074086

12” MSC Mdl. 951210 Bench Type, 11.5” diameter table, single phase, S/N: 237419

7” Siquorney Bench Type, S/N: M100-732

6” Hamilton Sensitive Drive, bench type, 1/6HP, single phase

6” Hamilton, bench type, single phase

4” High Speed (Chinese Made), bench type, single phase

[3] ¼” Burgmaster 6-Spindle Turret Drills, bench type, 12-spindle speeds, 350-6200 RPM, S/N’s: N/A; B-912480; B-5664



4300lbs TCM Mdl. FCG25N5, propane, side shift, hard tires, 89” reach, S/N: 3181697



2010 Helmel “Microstar” 430-202 CMM, 42” x 65.5” x 6” thick drilled & tapped granite surface plate, 37.25” between uprights, 24”-Z approximately, Renishaw touch probe, computer & monitor, S/N: 01-08

12” Gage Master “Series 20” Comparator, 4” x 14” table, Gage Master GMX readout, S/N: N/A

Mitutoyo QM-Height 600/24” Height Gage, S/N: 0061160

Misawa Hardness Tester, B-scale, C-scale, S/N: 640407


MISCELLANEOUS INSPECTION & QUALITY CONTROL, including: Mitutoyo HM-R12 riser block, right angle squares, cylinder square, groove mic’s, intra-mics, inside mic’s, anvil micrometers, depth mics, Mitutoyo micrometer set, taper hole gauge, standards, Mitutoyo height gauges, Mitutoyo 12” height master, plug gauges, dial bore gauges, step blocks, jo-blocks, pin gauge sets, calipers – up to 62”, verniers, 6” x 16” Barber Coleman BC100 bench center, over [15] granite plates – up to 48” x 72” x 12” thick, Herman surface plate, large quantity of Deltronic pins, plus much more!



25 Ton Foster H-Frame Hydraulic Press, 3/4HP hydraulic motor, 36” between housing, adjustable lower rail

Burr Bench “Super Quiet” Portable Deburrer, side discharge, 15.5” x 19” x 12” deep approximate inside dimensions, rubber lined

Trinco Mdl. 36BP2 2-Hand Reach-In Shot Blast Cabinet, reclaim unit, S/N: 16997-0

Rockwell “Unisaw” Table Saw, extended table

12 Ton Walsh #12 OBI Flywheel Type Mechanical Punch Press, S/N: 929

(2)10HP 2-Stage Piston Type Horizontal Tank Mounted Air Compressor

Speedaire Mdl. 5Z657B 1/2HP Air Dryer, S/N: V198

DiAcro HDSB2242 Multiform Bender

12” DiAcro #2 Roller

Greenerd 3C Floor Type Arbor Press

6” Double End Floor Type Carbide Grinder

Enco Mdl. 890-0 6” Double End Carbide Grinder, 3/4HP, pedestal, single phase

Westinghouse Portable Welder


MISCELLANEOUS SHOP RELATED & TOOLING, including: numerous Kurt vises, over [20] lista & Nu-Era tool cabinets, arbor presses, t-slotted tilting tables, Lassy 12F tapper, oxy/acetylene cart, pallet jacks, angle plates, large quantity of BT50 & 40 CNC tooling, 6” Delta 31-550 belt sander, welder, jig bore set, large quantity of Hardinge tooling & attachments, including turrets, compounds, slides, etc., geometric die heads, chucks, speed collet chucks, face plates, work benches, bench vises, right angle plates, sine plates, Ralmikes indexers, v-blocks, drilled & tapped blocks, radius dressers, Bridgeport right angle heads with arbor supports, Bridgeport Quillmaster, Bridgeport 12” rotary table, c-clamps, hand files, 2J collets, Holdridge Radii-cutter, Flame proof cabinets, drill chucks, live centers, boring heads, 5c collets, R8 collets, parallels, step collets, Huot drill cabinets, counter bores, milling cutters, broaches, reamers, metric dies, bushings, keyseat cutters, assorted electrical & hardware, plus much more!