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Ace Tool & Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Online Sale Starts Closing At:

Tue, February 13th 2018 1:00 P.M. EST


532 Mulberry Street Newark, New Jersey 07114


Monday, February 12th from 8:00AM – 4:00PM

Featuring: 15 Injection Molders – Boy’s & Arburg up to 80 Tons * (11) Granulators * Temprature Controllers & Hot Runners * 2013 CTS Cooling Tower * Toolroom Including Bridgeport Mills, Reid & Kent Surface Grinders, Deckel 3-D Engravers, Charmilles Bench-Type EDM’s, Deckel Tool Cutter & Grinders, Brown & Sharpe #1 Cylindrical Grinder, DoAll Vertical Bandsaws, Large Assortment of Shop Related and Inspection Items, 5HP Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor * #5000 Caterpillar Forklift – Plus Much More!!

Plastic Injection Molders:
80-Ton Arburg “Allrounder” 320-210-750 Injection Molder, Arburg Hydronico Control, Dri-air loader Mdl. M4000, Approximately 20” x 20” plater, approximately 12-1/2” between tie nods, S/N: 138176 (1987)
(2) 50-Ton Boy 50T2 Injection Molder, Dipronic Controls, Dri-Air 4000 loader dryer, 12” x 12” between tie-rods, 19” x 19” platers, S/N: 54332 (1992) & S/N: 51545

(3) 50-Ton Boy 50T Injection Molder with Dri-air 4000, S/N: 51027 (1982), S/N: 50969 with Dri-air 4000, S/N: 50569 (1980)

25-Ton Boy Mdl. 25D Injection Molder, Dipronic Control, Dri-air 4000 loader hopper, S/N: 02854 (1987)

(2) 22-Ton Boy Mdl. 22D Injection Molder, , Boy Dipronic Control, 10” between posts, 17-1/4” x 9-1/4” approximate plater, pyrotherm Dri-air 2000
dryer loader, S/N: 30359 (1999), S/N: 29929 with Dri-air 4000 (1997)

22-Ton Boy Mdl. 22S Injection Molder, Dipronic control, Dri-air 2000 dryer-loader, S/N: 18043 (1986), S/N: 21870 (1991)

(2) 15-Ton Boy 15S Injection Molder, S/N: 25247 (1982), 15537 (1983)
Related Support Equipment for Molding Dept:
Rapid Mdl. GK75-C Granulator, 11” x 7-3/4” opening, S/N: 304459 (1985)

Rapid Mdl. 912C (7.5) Granulator, 11” x 7-1/2” opening, S/N: 304372 (1984)

Rapid Mdl. GK205 Granulator, 8-1/2” x 7-1/2” opening, S/N: 1982 (1982)

(5) Rapid Mdl. 79C S/N: 202445 (1985), 208086 (1980), S/N’s: 20249, 201507, 201929, 203821

(2) Rapid Mdl. 79C Granulator, 9” x 7-1/2” opening, S/N: 20883, 201362

Molding Systems Inc. Mdl. 46 “Grinder SP” Granulator, 5” x 6” opening, 2HP, S/N: 46117SP

Regloplas Mdl. 150KL/T11 Temperature Controller, S/N: 119636 (2011)

QPC Mdl. DC-110SX Temperature Controller, S/N: 18945

QPC Mdl. QMC-1105 Temperature Controller, S/N: 129802

(2) Temptek Veteran LS Series Temperature Controllers

Temptek Mdl. VT-276-LS Temperature Controller, S/N: 119636 (2011)

Temptek Veteran LS Series, Mdl. VT-275-LS, temperature controller, S/N: 133805 (2014)

Mayer “Mini-Mizer” Mdl. MMA10U, S/N: 818172

(2) Conair Cartridge Dryers

Conair Mdl. C-50 Dehumidifying Dryer with Mdl. 100-256-01 Loader

Dri-Air “Arid-X” Mdl. X-25 Dryer, S/N: D6151

(2) D-M-E Mdl. MFP7G, Hot Runners, S/N: 16552, 12967
18-1/2” x 30” Monarch “Mdl. 16” CY” Lathe, 17-700 Spindle RPM, camloc spindle, taper attachment, S/N: 25950

15” x 38” Southbend “Nordic 15” Lathe, 16 spindle speeds, 40-2000 RPM, inch/mm threading, camloc spindle, approximately 2” spindle bore, S/N: CN15810228AD54

10” x 24” Southbend CAT# CC6707 Lathe, 5C collet capacity, draw bar, bench type, S/N: 35327K

10” x 30” Southbend CAT# CL8187AB Cabinet Base Lathe, 5C collet capacity, draw bar, taper attachment, S/N: 16802RKX16

Vertical Mills:
Bridgeport Series I 2HP Vertical Mill, 60-4200 RPM, vari-speed, Acu-rite Millmate digital readout, 9” x 48” handfeed table, one-shut lube, R8 spindle, S/N: BR-273195

Bridgeport M-head Vertical Mill, Mitutoyo digital readout, 9” x 42” handfeed table, 6-spindle speeds, 275-4250 RPM, S/N: 12BR-225628

Bridgeport M-head Vertical Mill, 6-spindle speeds, 9” x 42” hand feed table, S/N: 12BR-210579

Kent Mdl. KTM-25 Vertical Mill, 2HP pulley motor, R8 spindle, Futaba Mdl. CUE pulls scale digital readout, 9” x 42” table with Lyman MK4 powerfeed, S/N: 87427

Charmilles Mdl. D10 Isocut Bench-type EDM, Isopulse P25 power supply, 5” x 10” magnetic chuck, 9” x 13-1/2” T-slotted table, 20-1/2” x 14” x 8” deep tank, Erowa isocut, S/N: 52984

Charmilles Mdl. D10 Bench-type EDM, Isopulse P25 power supply, 9” x 13-1/2” T-slotted table, 4” x 8” magnetic chuck, Charmilles-Erowa isocut, 16-1/2” x 11-1/2” x 8” deep tank, S/N: N/A

Surface Grinders:
8” x 24” Brown & Sharpe Surface Grinder, permanent magnetic chuck, hydraulic feed, coolant, splash guards, S/N: 2489

6” x 18” Kent Mdl. KGS-250AHD Hydraulic Feed Surface Grinder, coolant, permanent magnetic chuck, over the wheel dresser, controls, S/N: 87116410 (1987)

(3) 6” x 18” Reid “Rollerway” Hand Feed Surface Grinder, pope 1HP direct drive spindle, S/N: 18918, 19581, 19552

6” x 18” Reid Mdl. 618HR Hand Feed Surface Grinder, permanent magnetic chuck, pope 1HP direct drive spindle, S/N: 19615

Vertical Bandsaw:
16” Do All Mdl. 1612-3 Vertical Bandsaw, 24” x 30-1/2” tilting table, feed table, blower, welder, grinder, vari-speed, 25-6000 RPM, table feed control, worklight, S/N: 152-68977
16” Do All Mdl. 1612-1 Vertical Bandsaw, work light, 24” x 24” tilting table, 0-5200 FPM, variable speed, welder, grinder, S/N: 148-681336

Tool & Cutter Grinders:
Feinmechanik Michael Deckel #SOE Tool & Cutter Grinder, bench type, built in vacuum, S/N: 79-4484

Friedrick Deckel #SOE Tool & Cutter Grinder, built in vacuum, bench type, S/N: SOE/67/793

Universal Cylindrical Grinder:
10” x 20” Brown & Sharpe #1 Universal Cylindrical Grinder, motorized work head

(2) Deckel Mdl. GK21 3-Dimensional Engraver, S/N: 5798 & 4600-5280

11” Nikon Mdl. 6C Optical Comparator, 6-1/4” diameter table, 3-position lens, turret, 10x, 50x, 20x lens, surface, brightness control, S/N: 54252

Wilson Rockwell Mdl. 3JR Hardness Tester

Miscellaneous Inspection Items Including:
Concentricity Gage, jo-blocks, Starret micrometer sets, sine plates, Hermann Schmidt square, bore gages, plus gages, height stands, calipers, Pin Gage Sets, etc.

Shop Support:
Heavy Duty Cabinets with Swing Out Draws, 8” Palmgren rotary table, numerous work benches, Magnetic Blocks, 8” Diameter Willis Magnetic Chuck, Radius Dresser, New Bould #222 Grinding Fixture, All Tool Rotadex, Assorted Magnetic Sine-plates, Granite Plates, up to 30” x 36”, Assorted Desks, Drafting Table, 1-ton chair block, Lettering sets, Hand tools, clamps, Mettler Toledo Digital Scale, Hand Carts, Flat Rolling Carts, Tool Boxes, Metal Stools, Boring Heads, Parallels, Angle Plates, Drill Chucks, Tap Sets, Assorted Jig Borer Tooling, 10” Vahl Rotary Table, Hold Down Sets, Hardinge 2J Collets, R8 Collets, Swivel Vises, Speed Chuck, Aloris Tool Posts, Assorted Vidmar Cabinets, Drills, Counter Bores, End Mills, Hardware, Reamers, Dumore Grinders, #5 Dumore Tool Post Grinder, Bench Vises, Work Benches, Pallet Racking

Cooling Tower:
CTS Cooling Tower Mdl. T230, Heater Option, 1HP (2013)

Miscellaneous Machinery:
5HP Ingersoll Rand Mdl. 2475D5 Piston Type Tank Mounted Air Compressor, S/N: 30T-888421

750# Wesco Mdl. PL-54-2222-31219 Die Lift Cart, S/N: 35462

50 Ton Carolina Mdl. CBP-1200 H-Frame Hydraulic Press, 26” between uprights, adjustable lower rail, manual lever, S/N: 7325NM

11” x 11” Advance Cross-Slide Rotary Table

16” Allen Floor Type Drill Press, 14” x 20” table, hand crank elevating table, vari-speed, 535-5200 RPM, S/N: 31398

24” Allen Floor Type Drill Press, 21” x 26-1/2” table, handcrank elevating table, vari-speed, 535-5200 RPM, S/N: 31399

Moore Jig Borer, 10” x 16” table, 1/2HP motor

20” x 30” Heavy Duty Die Lift Cart

24” x 32” Heavy Duty Die Lift Cart

(2) 28” x 40” Heavy Duty Die Lift Cart

20” x 30” Die Lift Cart

12” United States Double End Pedestal Grinder, 3HP

8” Abrasive Cut-off Saw, 1HP, Bench Type

Solar 2114 Tote Mig II Wire Feed Welder

Motorized Tumbler for Barrels

Torit Mdl. 84 3HP Dust Collector


Caterpillar V50C Propane Fork Lift, hard tires, triple mast

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